If it's a custom piece, I always start with tons of questions. I like to bounce around ideas to make sure I am creating exactly what you--my customers--are looking for. Then I begin drafting. If it's just a piece for fun to sell later, my sketch is always really rough--kind of just trying to get my ideas out of my head and onto paper before I lose them. Otherwise, I usually do about two to three different rough drafts for my customers. Next, I use pencil to lightly draft onto the final paper and then go over that with my markers--this usually takes up to two hours depending on the amount of text. And lastly, I paint. Some pieces require me to do it in layers--paint, let dry, paint, let dry--and others I can do all at once. Finally, I always take time to pray over it as it dries. That's probably the most special part of my artists' process.