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A wife with partial OCD when it comes to the condition of her house's cleanliness, momma to one with two on the way, a "coffee snob" as put by her sweet man, a part time blogger, full time creative mind, and an explorer with all her heart. Owes it all to Jesus and awaits His kingdom eagerly.

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Mattheus: the Toddler

This little dude is mostly sweet and partly sour. I've never met a kid that snuggles or smooches like him. He's smart and stubborn and we can't go anywhere without people commenting on his piercing blue eyes or chubbabubba cheeks.  He plans on growing up to be one pretty awesome dude. Pray with us for him? That he would learn to love Jesus and surrender to the gospel even now; that he would grow up into a ferocious, God-fearing man.


My husband rules. He is altogether gracious, funny, handsome, and strong. I am incredibly grateful to be married to a man who loves Jesus as much as he does. His pastimes include baby wearing, reading, studying, learning, (are you catching onto this theme yet), riding his bike, and lifting heavy weights, among other things. If you are interested in stalking him further, or have a husband or dude friend that's down to read all things life, theology, and a little bit of humor, check out his blog.

Kuyper + Kinsley: The Twins

Finding out we were pregnant with twins at twenty weeks was one of the most extraordinary surprises I've ever experienced. Even still, I can't believe that these two babies are mine. Kuyper Shea is the sweetest little snuggle bug and my easiest baby so far. On the contrary, his sister, Kinsley Joy, is sassy and stubborn and she's already giving us all a run for our money. As with their older brother, we invite you to pray with us for them. We are excited to watch them grow into God Fearing children and adults who desire to see Him glorified. 


+ Miles was sort of a package deal because he came with Shiloh. This little runt ended up in Miles' hands at a very young age through some unfortunate circumstances. She is a bit of a spaz and we have given her lots of nicknames: Moose, Lilah, crocodilah, shark, and Moon Moon or Moon to name a few. We love all 62lbs of her.

+ After moving to Wyoming and acquiring a spacious yard, we got to work trying to find sweet Shiloh a pal. We were looking at a bunch of German Shepherd rescues in Colorado online when we came across Karoo. We love his floppy ears and he loves us. He is a ferocious protector of his people, his yard, his house, and his little sister. A whopping 112lbs - a force to be reckoned with.