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Bumpdate || Week 23 (And Gender Reveal!)

baby brazilJordyn BrazilComment

+ How far? 23 weeks!

Size of baby? 1 lb 1 oz and about 19 cm long!

Best moment of the week? Ah, well last Wednesday I had a checkup and at first, baby was moving around so much that we couldn't detect the heartbeat, which was super nerve wracking, but then, baby kicked me super hard right where the nurse had the doppler and made it bounce off my belly a little. She was super surprised and we were both laughing, so I'll probably never forget that moment... HOWEVER, the next day we found out the gender and so that is probably the most exciting thing ever. still. haha

Maternity clothes? Nope--I can't button a few of my pants any more, but all the maternity clothes I've browsed are way too big. For now I have this really strange upper-bloat look going I hope that changes soon.

Sleep? Has been pretty hit or miss. It's been taking forever to fall asleep, which is a bummer, but on the bright side I've only been waking up once or twice in the night to readjust or go pee which is way less than before! My mom got me a Snoogle for Christmas which has been an absolute dream and I think that Miles and my dogs would both agree that even not pregnant people should own them.

Food cravings? In-N-Out. Seared maguro and sake nigiri. Blind Onion pizza crust. Yellow Sub Turkey sandwich. Things that I either can't have or don't exist within hundreds and thousands of miles of me. Ya know.

And now the only reason you hooligans came here today:

Song featured: King of Love by I Am They

We couldn't be more excited and we know that those of you that knew are way excited for us as well. We were both really surprised to find out--I think Miles had us both convinced of the outcome- ha!

To my fam that is visiting the blog:

We're looking at a Reno visit in the near future and my mom is going to have a baby shower if we do! If you'd like to browse our [uncompleted] registry, you can just go ahead and click here. I only ask that if you do decide to get us a gift off of it, that you reserve it so we don't buy it ourselves and end up with duplicates! :)