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Telling Miles

baby brazilJordynComment

         How are you all? Happy Wednesday! Thanks so much for all of the warm wishes and congratulations on the babe! I am so exited that you are all so excited for us! I think that reading all of your comments about me being pregnant just made me even more joyful about it all.

        Today's post will be short and sweet and I just wanted to tell you all how I told Miles the news!

        So, we had been trying for a few months, and a BUNCH of our friends from back in Nevada had been calling and telling us that they were expecting, including the parents of our god-child which was way exciting. I hadn't missed my period, but I was antsy and just wanted to take a test, so one night while Miles was at the gym I ran to the store and got a pack of those early tests. Came back home, did the deed, and when I looked back over for the first time I didn't see "not" in front of pregnant. I freaked out, called a friend, and then waited.

        It's going to seem random, but if you haven't heard of Rad Dad Tees you should check them out. Even though I wasn't pregnant, I found and followed them on Instagram because they rule and then when I found out that I was preggo I thought, "Hey! That's how you can tell Miles!" So, I ordered a shirt and tried to keep my secret. Buuuuutttt, that's a hard secret to keep from your own husband, so although the shirt had been ordered, I made a little card and passed it to him over dinner because after waiting two days, I didn't think I could wait any longer. As he opened the card I also passed him the two tests I had taken and sat and watched (and cried).

        I think he just kept saying, "Are you serious??" "Really??" "OHMYGOSHTHISISAWESOME!" And he jumped out of his chair and was sort of running around our little living room and jumping and exclaiming those things. He rules. He made me really excited, and continues to make me really excited, about being a parent. 

Have you announced a pregnancy? How did you do it?

If not, how would you like to?

If so, what about for kids 2, 3, 4, etc?