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Bumpdate || Week 18

baby brazilJordynComment

+ How far? Eighteen weeks!

+ Size of baby? According to The Bump, my baby is about the size of a sweet potato -- 5.6 inches and 6.7 ounces.

+ Sleep? Has been rough. It takes forever to get comfortable enough to fall asleep and then by the time I do, I'm waking up a few hours later either to pee, reposition, or because I'm hungry. I'm eyeing one of those pregnancy pillows....thought I could hang without one but turns out I'm a wimp! 

+ Weight gain? Three pounds so far! 

+ Exercise? I have been a little more motivated as of late; I started Jessie Hilgenberg's Prenatal plan last week and it's nice so far! If you are pregnant, I definitely recommend checking it out. There's even a Jessie's Girls Facebook group that's helped to keep me on track and motivated which is exactly what I need :)

+ Cravings? Mm, I suppose. Mostly things I can't have, like salmon nigiri. But! Also balsamic vinegar. I've been dipping bread and tomatoes and strawberries in balsamic vinegar. Do you have any other ideas of what it would be yummy with?

+ Weird pregnancy experience? So not super weird, but I started feeling Baby last week and having all sorts of [happy] birth dreams so that's been extremely exciting for me. I was starting to get a little bummed because I haven't been feeling well and I also still don't have much of a bump, so being pregnant has mainly not been delightful at all. But feeling this sweet gem kicking around inside of me and dreaming about him or her has been pretty dang cool.

+ Disclaimer: The whole pregnancy glow thing is a lie. I pretty much am just bloated looking and breaking out everywhere. No glow for this momma. Yet. Fingers are still crossed.