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Hello Noonday!


        Did you catch the memo? If not, here it is again and in full glory: this woman is an OFFICIAL Noonday Collection Ambassador! 

        Friends, I am so excited to be able to partner in creating sustainable pathways out of poverty for the vulnerable. My passion for Jesus and His redemptive grace and justice is what first drew me to Noonday, whose mission is just about identical. They empower communities around the globe to seek and fight for social justice while also empowering (and enabling) us to do the same through fair trade purchasing power.

Noonday Collection's mission is to create economic opportunity for the vulnerable. We partner with artisans in the developing world, empowering them to grow sustainable businesses. By creating a marketplace for their goods, we create dignified jobs at living wages. This allows our artisans to earn more in order to support their families. We also offer no interest loans and make advance payments on orders. This way we are able to shoulder the costs of materials and build a lasting relationship based on trust. We offer scholarship programs and emergency assistance. Noonday Collection also donates a portion of sales from adoption trunk shows to place orphans in forever families. 
Noonday Collection is not a charity and we do not believe that providing a hand out is a sustainable long-term solution to poverty. We aim to be a sustainable business that gives women across the United States a way to make a lasting difference in the fight against poverty and injustice. This is what makes this movement so special. To learn more about Noonday's impact, click here.

        I would love for you to read around, maybe learn about Mulu

and how she overcame a life of prostitution, or how Sofiya is changing history for her family. And then, I invite you to Purchase With Purpose!

        Because I am so excited about what Noonday is doing, I want to do all I can to spread the word and share the stories of redemption. So, spend at least $10 on my Noonday website, and be entered to win this beautiful Funky Paper Bead Necklace! I love wearing mine looped two or three times with a simple dress and get asked about it all the time!

        Watch and read how each bead is made below and then head over to Noonday and buy all the pretty things in the land! It's so fun to be able to wear and share these stories everywhere you go!

Paper Beads

Our artisans in Uganda are skilled at creating intricate jewelry using upcycled, brightly colored paper. They carefully cut the paper into tiny strips, then roll each strip around a toothpick to create a bead. The artisans can roll the paper in many different ways to create unique shapes and styles. 

They glue the end of the paper to seal the bead into place and then string them to be varnished. Each bead is varnished three times to ensure that they are durable and smooth enough. After allowing them to dry, the artisans assemble the necklaces and bracelets according to their particular designs, and finish them with cow horn centerpieces or hammered metal adornments.

"If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday."

Isaiah 58:10

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