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Weekly Prayer | Revival - Bare Foot Thunder

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Wake us up, Father. We want to feel what you feel, see what you see, and say what you say. Stir a fire in our souls that isn't of this world. A fire for revival that can't be shaken or restrained.

Wreck the complacent parts of our hearts, so we may echo the words of Job: "though he slay me, yet He will heal me." Slay the complacent, self-centered parts of us that need to be undone to make space for your glory to come in fullness. We consecrate our hearts, minds, and time to you and say, "Have your way."  And if we have drifted wayward, draw us back into your embrace.

For revival of Your missing children, the lost sheep: Awaken and stir hearts to hunger for a love not of this world. Your kindness leads the lost to repentance; so God, pour out your kindness upon the earth, that the nations of the world would turn to You for life. The lost will be found, the lame will walk, and the blind will see by the power of Your holy name! 

We want to partner and participate in Your work. Let us walk in humility and love as we bring missing children into the family of God.


Hosea 6:1, Isaiah 48:10, John 16:8—

Rebecca is a college senior at UTA- A marketing major according to the diploma, but an art major in spirit.

She loves Jesus and is passionate about His purposes. At the root of her love for Him, is His love for her. An encounter with His love is what started her on this crazy chase to know and experience more of Him in her life. She prays that her blog is an extension of that chase.

For fun, she likes painting, drawing, learning about anything, distance biking, and running barefoot (for real).

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