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August Goals


        I honestly can’t believe that it’s already August. What month does fall technically begin? You guys, I’m dreading the end of summer. July was fun—I feel tired, but accomplished so I think that both of those are good. And my goals last month? I sorta went above and beyond. I made a nice little printout that I stuck on the fridge and was forced to pass by and see how I was failing or being awesome every day. It helped.

  • Purge  We’ve been getting rid of stuff all month. Clothes, furniture, literally nothing is safe in this house anymore. There’s still a lot that I need to get rid of, but I think that we’re on a good trajectory now.
  • Update shop & paint for house Have you seen my new website? Yeah, that happened last month. I plan on putting all of my new stuff there so that way I don’t have to pay for easy listings (I’m cheap like that).
  • Float the river [at least once] Miles and I floated the river last Saturday and took exactly zero photos of our entire journey. It was a blast and I hope that we can do it once more before it’s too chilly.
  • Organize my online life Well… sort of. I added some folders to my emails and unsubscribed from a few, but I think that my pinterest still needs some weeding through.

This month I’m making things happen:

  • Plan Super Secret Blog Series: I have mentioned my idea to a few bloggers, and I’m really excited about this guest series, and you should be too! Giveaway at the end and you won’t want to miss it!
  • Research Elsa: My friend, Faith, started a business and asked if I was interested in playing princess for her, to which I obviously said yes. I tried on the dress and wig last week and I am really excited for my first debut on the 9th…I’m also really nervous and my browsing history may or may not be full of videos of the Elsa’s that work at disney videos…
  • Sell? Since we started purging, our garage is turning into a big pile of stuff. I really need to make three piles though: one sell, one donate, one trash. That should happen this month and then maybe next month we’ll have a garage sale!!
  • Make Inspiration Boards: I’m talkin everything. For every room in my house, for my shop, for my blog…I’m a super visual person and I have tons of thoughts about each in my head, but I want to be able to see them. Hopefully this will help my brain hurt less.

What’re you going to make happen this month?

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