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Shop Update & Free Download

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        I have been so unmotivated lately. What's up with that? Are any of you feeling unmotivated? I feel like it's been a decade since I actually sat down and wrote something special for you guys, which is sad because I have months worth of stuff planned out, but I just let it go to the wayside. 

        Fortunately, I have accomplished some tasks and I'm feeling a little motivated again! One of the bigger tasks I've actually accomplished is creating a website for my shop--huge, right? I've decided to stick with Etsy for my selling platform for now, but the site I created is really neat and coming along really nicely. I've decided to make it public and share it with you all because I would really appreciate your feedback! There are a few pages that I still need to add some content to, such as the products pages, but I am still happy with how it's turning out.

Is there anything that you think the site is missing, or that you particularly like?

Let me know!

        Also, if you head over to the site, there's a link in the "Shop News" section for a free download of my Blog Calendar from the Blog Planner Toolkit that I created!