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A Q&A via Rivers and Roads


        Dang guys, this has been a busy month FO REAL. I am so thankful that even though I haven't been around much, you all still are. It rules and I am so humbled by it. 

        Lucky for you, Miles is behind me kicking my butt into gear. I'm getting organized again. I have stuff ready for you for the next few weeks AND a special, fun series is in the works (giveaway planned) hosted by yours truly.

        Anyways, the whole point of this particular post was to let you know that I have a sweet little Q&A over at Rivers and Roads today that you all might be interested in! It sort of made me realize that besides my Meet Me page, I've sort of put you in the dark, so hopefully there will be more personal content in the future! For now, you can always catch me by email--and have fun exploring Meg's cheery space!

Did you get a chance to see what I'm crushing on this [and every] month?