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June Goals

goalsJordyn9 Comments

       June. It’s June. I think I need to say it again. June. That means it’s summer, and that means I’m feeling ambitious. I’m super inspired by so many women that post their goals and then follow up, so I think that I’m going to start doing that myself. June has four weeks so I’m going to set four goals for myself (startin’ out light).

+OneGo camping [at least] once. I have been camping since I was a wee one and I thrive on being outdoors. Last summer, we were so caught up in moving and adjusting, we didn't have a chance to camp before the first snow in October. Even thought it’s not super warm yet, I’d love to head out to the lake or up on the mountain with some friends and spend a weekend indulged in laughter and campfire smoke.

TwoPurge. You guys, I have so much stuff. A couple weekends ago I started trying to simplify in the garage…but there’s still a lot of work to be done. My friend, Rachel has really motivated me to try out this whole simplifying thing, so this month, I’m putting it on the list!

ThreeMake the backyard pretty. Sometimes as a renter, I feel like I can’t really invest in this place I call home, and that’s really lame! Anyways, we have a really big yard with tons of potential…and I’ve never bothered to do anything with it. Because we love having people over and backyard bbq’s are a must, I would really like to fix it up a bit! (I’m probably most excited about this goal)

FourMake a darn meal plan. Usually, I’m pretty great about planning out meals and executing grocery lists, (I even made a whole month of freezer meals in a day once) but I’ve just fallen off that train altogether. This month, I want to try some new recipes and get excited about dinner again! Making a meal plan should help with that. Anyone have any favorite summer recipes to share? 

So what about you?? What’s ONE goal you’re looking forward to marking off of your list this month?