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Weekly Prayer | #BringBackOurGirls

weekly prayerJordyn4 Comments

       My heart breaks over human trafficking, sex trafficking especially, so hearing about the mass Nigerian kidnapping forced me to my knees in prayer. 276 girls is a lot, but it's more than just a number because each one is an individual, with a best friend, a favorite color, and a family with an aching heart. While the new number of girls missing is now unknown, I urge you to pick a name (or just all of them) from this list and pray for some of these girls by their names.

God, my heart aches for your daughters. I am broken, I am angry. I am in disbelief. I can't imagine the fear that fills the soul of each girl taken captive, their families, those in the area that aren't safe from this group of terrorists...Lord, I pray for the safety of each girl. Please, don't let them be sold. Please. Please protect the families that haven't yet been broken by these horrors, and show them that YOU are their protector. Show yourself to those that are affected in a mighty way. You don't delight in this, this sin. Let Your light shine in new, unknown ways to these people in this tragic time. 

I admit, I don't want to pray for this man because of what I think he deserves for his crimes; please forgive me, for my penalty is just as horrific, yet you took it and so I am not the one that holds the keys to his soul. Save Abubakar Shekau and his followers, the Boko Haram group. Make them feel a deep conviction for what they have done and lead them to repentance and new life!! I beg you to intervene Lord. Please protect these young girls. 

Ultimately, even though I can't understand this all, and how it will work out to glorify You, I trust You. I trust that these things are all working together for Your good. When I don't trust You, change my heart. Show me how to lean on Your goodness. When I am upset, turn me to more prayer. 

Soli deo gloria


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