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Weekly Prayer: Begging God for Rest

weekly prayerJordynComment

God, I beg you for rest. Real rest that I can only find in You. Lately, I have been turning to so many other things to try and find my contentment and I'm exhausted. Please, forgive me and show me how to draw into You in this time of desperation. I ask that today would be a day that I would let go of my to-do's and only seek after Your "done". I just want Jesus today, but I know that my tendency is to fill every second of my days off with menial tasks. Please, lead me into worship instead. For some reason I feel really empty right now. I know it's a result of my hope in things other than You, so please, take them away. I just want You. Let me worship You. My Lord, my Father, my Everything. I need You so terribly. Let today be a day of solitude and You, and keep all else away.