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       So, I know that last week I skipped our devotional time, but I am going to again this week just to give you an opportunity to get to know me a bit. Remember our last virtual coffee date? Well I decided to participate again for volume two because the kind of encouragement that comes through link ups is seriously just needed sometimes. It's nice to open up to the world and have a plethora of other God-fearing-blogger-women come around you with encouragement and lots of love.  [But next Friday, seriously, I promise we'll have some devotional time.]

       Ah, so this time, lets pretend like we're at my favorite coffee shop, in Reno. We're sitting at the Hub--river location--at the wonderful little table/bar and the light from the window wall is soaking the room with its warmth. Ah, we're watching the baristas make our drinks and just getting some of that small talk out of the way before we finally decide to open up and actually share what's going on in our lives. Once we get our drinks, we decide to take it outside and walk along the river, which is perfect because breathing in the fresh air and drinking up the green around us puts a little happy pep in our step.

       Then you ask it: "How's Wyoming? How are you liking it? How are things going?" b o o m.

       I'd probably start by telling you that things are good, because they are. I do like my life in Wyoming. I love the rhythm that Miles and I have fallen into, I love my job, I love the people we have met, and I love our community group. I love having time to paint, and I really enjoy our proximity to other, fun places. But that's where the problem ensues.

       I jump at every opportunity we have to get out of town. It's still cold there. It snowed once last week and then rained almost every other day, which is honestly just depressing. I've been cooped up since October of last year when it first started snowing, and I am ready to head outside. I'm ready for the sun to beat down on me like it is on this warm walk; I'm ready to go hiking and camping and exploring; I want to swim in the lake and the river; I want to be able to wear less than four layers and be not-cold. Aaaaand then I get depressed thinking about that, because it's nearing the end of May and I know that it will be cold again in October. 

       I'm also pretty sad that there still isn't a coffee shop in this town that I really enjoy. Stupid, I know, but I had my comfortable little shops in Reno and I still haven't found that here. On the other hand, this place really has treated us well. All of the first things I mentioned above make me really happy, in addition to other things I haven't mentioned.

       After you've shared how your life is going in the city you're in, maybe we'd talk about goals or something. As of late, I've had a really strong desire to be able to just work from Esty. I love my job, and I have so much fun being a nanny--I am so richly blessed by the family I work for and being able to care for and teach the little ones; however, it would just be such a dream come true to do art and make an income. With that, I'm excited to see where blogging will take me in the next year. As the page views go up, I can't help but hope that eventually I can make a small income here, too. 

       Another pretty ambitious goal I've been dreaming up is finally (I say that like I took a bunch of time off) going back to school. After getting married and kind of doing a reset of my life aspirations, I became quite uninspired and unmotivated for school. I haven't got a clue what sort of job I'd want that I'd need a degree for and so that makes choosing classes, well, challenging. When I graduated high school, I finished with a $10k scholarship towards schooling in Nevada, but I still haven't used any of it because I just don't know about a normal degree. The problem is that I think I do want to go to school, but just not in Nevada. I want to study at a Bible college and so I'm just having a hard time justifying wasting the scholarship to pursue learning elsewhere which makes me feel like I just shouldn't do it at all. Do you take online classes? I need someone to speak some wisdom into my life here.

       Oh, and before we close up, I'll talk about She Reads Truth. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Man, God has seriously used that organization to change my life. I actually long for God's truth. I want to be in my Bible daily, and I want to know more about Him, and that's just insane when I think about what my life has looked like in that area up until mid-january. I am also really excited because I've been getting lots of emails in regards to the kickstarter goodies, and I mainly just can't wait to put the SRT decal onto Elsa (what I ended up naming my car with the help of my sweet, sweet friend, Rachel). I am also extra excited for the google hangout coffee date I get to have with the SRT'ers on the 27th!! Woo, I'm nervous though, too. I really hope that I don't get all wacked out and introverty and not talk, because I really do want to have some deep, awesome convos with these sisters. Maybe you'll share that same feeling with me and we'll laugh at how lame we are for it.

       Ah, sweet friend, I'm not ready to--because I feel like I have tons more to spill about life--but I've gotta wrap it up. We're headed to Denver again this weekend and I've got lots to do around the house before work. I hope that we can meet up again, soon. 

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