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Weekly Prayer: Loving God's Word

weekly prayerJordynComment

God, thank you for the Bible. Thank you that every single word that made it on Its pages was divinely inspired by You. Thank you for the recent joy that you have given me in reading and studying your words. God, thank you that they truly are living and active like You've told us--each time I read I am blown away by what You are teaching me. However, I know that I wasn't always this way. Thank you for softening my heart. I lift up so many women out there that are in the same shoes I just moved out of and I beg that You would show them how much Joy Your word brings. I pray that you would soften their hearts and give them a deep, deep thirst to meditate on your words daily. Thank you for letting me and many others taste Your words, which


sweet as honey and cultivating the desire in us to come to You. Again, I ask that You would do this in so many others. Spirit, thank you for leading me through Your words which often my heart and head don't understand or want to accept, but pressing me to study them and know them. Forgive me for sometimes thinking that Your Bible is missing my input. Or that Your words aren't as great as my ideas. Please conform my will and desires to Yours. In Jesus' name: Amen.