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We So Excited

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The exciting things I'm excited about are as follows:

Calendar // Organized. So yesterday while Miles busted out some homework, I decided to really hone in on my blog and get some organization into it. I always keep a little pink journal with me to jot out ideas, but that just hasn't been quite enough. I also came up with a blogging schedule of sorts when I started, but I've made it a goal to cut out social media on the weekends and so that's just not going to work anymore. With the help of some printable calendars and cute sticky notes, I've got my month figured out. Here's what my weeks will look like:

Monday | See next point

Tuesday | freebie

Wednesday | freebie

Thursday | Weekly Prayer

Friday | Devotion

       My two freebie days will be used specifically for link-ups with other blogs, possible [future] guest posts, and other, miscellaneous topics I come up with (exa. a springsperation post next wednesday). 

       If you're like me and you need visuals and some order in your life, I definitely recommend planning posts and topics in advance. Not only am I much more motivated to write when I have the topics right in front of me, but I am way more excited to add topics to my calendar now that I have this cute system. Awesome way to stay inspired!

Link-Up. Yesterday I hinted about something to do with Link ups and that's because, YOU GUYS, I am going to host one on She Who Fears! I'm really excited because of how much I love link-ups in general, but also because this idea is just glorious. The link up will be called Grace Upon Grace. Within the link-up, I'm going to be challenging writers to share a few evidences of grace in their past week/ few days of life. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please don't hesitate to link up on Monday! I will give a little bit more of an explanation then as well as a few guidelines to adhere by.

Blog buttons. Okay, I get it. Mine are bland. I have been scoping out so many different blogs lately and my buttons are awful compared to some of the others. I am going to try out a few different colors and possibly photos to find what works, but expect some new ones to be up in the next few weeks or so!

Tutorials. All of this button designing and blog revamping has inspired some major tutorial ideas. Custom pin it buttons, instagram feed, custom signature, scroll to top button, blog buttons, favicon how-to's... I feel like these are all fun things to have on your blog and know how to do!

Link up button // Go check out my new buttons!