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       Okay, so just recently, I found a blog that I am really loving. That's the cool thing about blogging: you get to interact with so many other ladies and build pretty great relationships with them. Just in this past month of entering the blogger world I've managed to find a plethora of really wonderful ladies that I wish I could be "for real life" friends with as Ava would say. (You can check a few of them out over there in my sidebar). Anyways, my newest blogger buddy, Rachel, did a coffee date link up on her blog on Monday, and I just thought it was the most wonderful thing. Partially because I love coffee and partially because she totally dumped her heart out about how she's doing spiritually and that was a really courageous thing to do. If you would like to check out her post, you can do so by clicking that little button at the bottom of this post.


       So, for a moment, lets act like we're sitting in my backyard (because the weather is lovely today), with a fresh french press--or tea if you prefer it--spilling our guts and encouraging one another while we listen to the birds sing and watch the dogs frolic.

       The first question we would probably ask is, "How are you?" or some other version of that, and if I'm really honest right now, I'd tell you I don't usually answer that one honestly. Responding with, "Good!" or "Oh, I'm fine," usually gets me off the hook to have any sort of meaningful conversation. But, since today's goal is to be meaningful and intimate, Let's really open up.

How are you doing lately, friend?

       Lately? Actually really great. Contrary to every other month of my young life, I'm actually finding my joy in the Lord and not every other thing that comes up. Sure, there are moments when I've found myself upset or anxious, or all those other lame feelings that we sometimes get, but it's such an evidence of grace that I've been able to mostly keep my focus on Jesus and not on the unruly days I have.

       In other news though, I have been seriously missing my Renoite friends and fam as well as some other friends that I've made from other states in these past months (shoutout to Mattheus and the soon-to-be-Morrison-fam). I think that's weird for me to admit because I'm normally such an introvert that feeds off of my alone time. But lately Instagram and Facebook have been like a door into their lives that I can't even come close to. My God-daughter is growing so big, as in she'll be one in June, and FaceTime just doesn't seem like an adequate way to be able to get to know her and love on her. Plus, my younger brother is a junior this year (say what?!) and that dude holds such a big chunk of my heart that not being there to "protect him" is really difficult to come to grips on.

       Hopefully with the warmer weather coming around, more of them will be down to road trip to the wonderful land of Wyomin' though!

How is your marriage?

       It honestly gets better every month. Right now? It rules. Six months ago? Not so much. Then, I was not in a place where I even wanted to let Jesus in, let alone sweet Miles. Opening up my Bible daily has made such a difference. I look back on those extra tough months and am so encouraged that Miles was able to love me fiercely through them no matter how hard I was pushing him away. Now, we are praying together regularly, confessing, encouraging, ferociously loving and pursuing each other, and more importantly, ferociously loving and pursuing the Lord together. It has completely changed our marriage and like I said before, it gets better every moment. PLUS, our one year anniversary is in less than a month, so that's also really neat and encouraging, and planning that trip should be fun.

       Ooh, but if you could pray with me for my sweet hub that would be awesome. He is working full time and taking online classes full time too, so in addition to leading our weekly bible study and finding time for me and our pups and the gym he's getting a bit tired.

How can I be praying for you?

       Hm, probably mainly that I would continue to stay in the Word and find my joy in Jesus. Especially when I'm feeling sick of doing the dishes again or vacuuming the couch or dusting the bookshelves. Housework is weird and feeling monotonous and annoying and so sometimes that is lame. Also that I would continue to keep the Gospel as the purpose of this blog and that I wouldn't only "do it for the likes" or write things just for the sake of increasing my following. It's easy to get caught up in how many views or comments my posts get and I think I would rather just delete it altogether than have it be another self glorifying idol I can't let go of.

       And before I end it there, also that I would start letting people in and being more open to having friends. I haven't really made any since we moved here in July and that's mostly because I haven't genuinely let anyone in.

Thanks for having coffee with me and letting me share a bit of life. It means more than you can imagine. Have a lovely Saturday! Also, I just stumbled upon the verse below and thought it was a good one to share and meditate on this week. 

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. " (Colossians 3:15)

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