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Keep Your Pets OFF

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       Maybe you haven't read my about me page, but I have two German Shepherds. They are shedding. I was in the habit of vacuuming my couch and by bed (just the top cover) every. single. day. Are you the old me? Are you so tired of it, too? Or maybe you're thinking I just shouldn't have let my dogs up there in the first place? Well easier said then done, my friend. The problem with my dogs is that they are smart. The minute we'd leave the house or the moment we'd fall asleep it was Shiloh on the bed and Karoo on the couch. You see, my dogs had it figured out. We also tried spray specifically for that and they liked it. At that point they were not only getting up on the furniture, but they were licking/eating it too!

The Culprits. Shiloh (aka Moon Moon) and Karoo (aka Roo)

       So then, before leaving the house, one day I was like, "whala! I'm going to put the dining room chairs on the couch!" While that kept the dogs off, it was so annoying to lug the chairs from the table to the couch every. single. time we left. I was about ready to give up when I discovered foil. My dogs really didn't like it and so I laid a piece across the couch. 

       Worked like a charm. They didn't even try to get up there. The next day, I thought, I'm gonna go ahead and put a piece across the foot of the bed. Ugh, that night was literally the worst sleep of my life. Every time Miles or myself moved, the foil would crinkle and wake me up. Absolutely awful. But don't let me scare you away. If you are willing to do that for one night, your dogs won't get up there anymore! Neither of them try to get up with us anymore and now my sleep is delightful! 

       I still use the same pieces of foil from day one and I just put them back on when we leave the house (and on the couch while we sleep) just to make sure the pups will stay off. Seriously it's been such a lifesaver. I really hope that it will work for you in your home, too!

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