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Grace Upon Grace || 01

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       Hello there lovelies! Welcome to the very first edition of Grace Upon Grace, where I will be sharing at least four evidences of grace from my previous few days of life and also giving you the opportunity do do the same through the link-up provided below!

       If you are unsure about what exactly it is I mean by evidences of grace, check out this blog post. I think that it really sums it up well, and I am trying not to be too lengthy for you today.

       The reason I chose four as the target number is because honestly, Jesus has given us so many reasons to be thankful. Even in the seasons of life that are stormy, we should be able to find reasons to praise Him. Some days, finding four may come easily, or maybe we'll have to do some digging and deep thinking, but either way I believe it will help us to be more cross-centered and less self-centered which will in turn cultivate a more joyful attitude of gratitude for the blessings that we are constantly receiving from the Father.

       With that said, I would absolutely love for this challenge to be something that you take part in as well! Even if you choose not to do it through the link-up, maybe you start a journal and jot it down there? Either way, I can't wait to dig into how the Lord is working in our lives!

The only rules for this link-up are:

+ your link must lead to the post with Grace Upon Grace

+ you've gotta have at least four points (that's the challenge part)

+ and most importantly, you MUST visit the person's blog who linked up before you and leave some encouragement. Failure to do so will result in me deleting your link. One of the main purposes of this link-up is to build a community of grateful women after God that desire to encourage and love others well! ♡

Grace Upon Grace

+ONE: I am extremely, extremely grateful for a RISEN SAVIOR! Guys. In my few Easters as a Christian, I've always been such a religious, works-based, crazy lady and this year, I wasn't! I didn't fast, I didn't serve, I didn't do anything except read my Bible like never before and pray more often than I have in the past. I do practice those disciplines that I didn't this past season, but it was honestly way more shocking this year to really know that I have nothing to present to Jesus and am literally rotting in my own sin, but God came in and changed it all for me.

 Every other year I've been too caught up in my own works and righteous deeds to even notice that my God LIVES. Praise Jesus for the ways He's allowed me to get to know Him as of late. It's been insanely beautiful.

TWO: It's warming up here, finally!! Miles and I spent as much of our weekend outside as we could, which was so great. I'm an outdoors-summer-loving-lady and being cooped up inside all "spring" (you can't really call it that when it continues to spit snow every week) has been so daunting! It was so wonderful to be able to play with the dogs out back, see some tulips start sprouting up out front, and work on art and yard work under the sun. I even got a mini little sunburn so I think I totally have hope in the possibility of summer again. My amount of joy from that is probably too much. 

+ THREE: All last week, Miles and I were sick, which isn't exactly something that I was excited about, but Miles had to stay home from work on Monday because he was so ill and so we got a whole extra day of snuggles (which is probably what led me to sickness in the following few days). The snuggles were fantastic. Also, he's been really snuggly this past week, which he usually isn't, and since I'm totally a touch and quality time girl, I've been feeling mega loved by him. Praise Jesus for our awesome marriage. Praise Jesus for a man that loves Him so much. That's cooler than cool.

FOUR: Remember last week's "wishes" I posted about on Monday? Well, making my time with Jesus more important, and even more-so, making my time in the Word and prayer the very first part of my day, completely changed how my usual week goes. Ah, it felt like the words that charged me up each morning powered me through the day in total joy. Goodness, I've been so joyful lately, and that in and of itself should be an evidence of grace. Jesus is doing radical work in my life and I am constantly amazed by Him.

What about you? I would love to hear what you have to praise Jesus for!

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