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A Little...Springspiration


       Just because it's been snowing since Sunday doesn't mean my skin isn't recalling those warm, sunny days we had last week. I have major spring fever. If you follow me on pinterest your feed has been flooded with lots of color as of late, and if you don't...well, you're missing out.

       Even though the weather isn't ready for it, I'm ready to perk up my home with life (aka color) and my wardrobe, too. Here's a few things that I'm currently aching for as pictured above:

+ Swiss Cross Sheets: These were from Iviebaby...I can't find any adult ones! Help?!

DIY Succulent Garden Planter: from A Beautiful Mess || I love the idea of adding some more succulents and cacti to my collection. Plus this design is perfect...however, I think my dogs would be quick to make a beautiful mess out of it. s i g h .

+Wire Crates (or similar): from a pinterest image that lead to an image! Miles' home decor style is sort of a rustic-cozy-industrial and mine is too (thankfully). I've been browsing for some baskets to store magazines and dog toys and blankies...I just haven't found a good deal yet. I would love to get some spring organization done before spring ends!

THIS RUG. If it wasn't the price of a month's worth of groceries, I'd get it. I love it. Miles loves it. Hopefully sweet little West Elm will put it on sale soon hehe.

+Lots of art on the walls. You can check out my shop for prints like the one pictured!

+All the good smells: Recently, my friend, Rachel  mentioned this candle from target in a post and I've been meaning to get it ever since!

+Stripes//floral prints//midi-skirts and dresses: you name it, I probably want it in my closet. I've been hooked on all those specific things but since it's been cold I haven't bothered adding anything to my closet. However, my friend, Amy just posted about an online company called Thred Up so I think I'm gonna give that a try!

Pointed flats. I love the way they make my little feet look. I've only tried pairs on though, so I would love to add a pair or two to my shoe drawer! So ready to put away the Bogs and Sorels!

What is your Springspiration? I'd love to hear how you welcomed (or are waiting to welcome) Spring to your home and wardrobe!