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A Link-Up | Weekly Wishes #47

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       Okay, so I know that I've been on a link-up kick lately, but I seriously think they are the greatest thing, and for a few reasons! One, you get to interact with readers you normally wouldn't because you are visiting their blogs and they're visiting yours, and all the other good feels from that; Two, you are normally being pushed to write a little bit out of your element with different topics; and Three, it brings tons of positive exposure to not only my blog, but whoever is hosting the link-up, so it's sort of like free advertising for both ends.

       On another note, all of these link ups are pointing to somethin' big over here at She Who Fears, so stay tuned because I promise you'll want in!

       This week I'm linking up with Melyssa from The Nectar Collective to share with you my first (I know, not technically 47th but bear with me) set of weekly wishes which will consist of the goals or challenges I want to achieve or accomplish this week.

This Week's Wishes

  1. Take my time with Jesus seriously. Ugh. I feel like lately my time in the word has been so pitiful. I haven't been taking them seriously at all because I haven't really made them a serious priority. I have been letting other things distract this precious time that is supposed to be set aside so I'm going to try to wake up at normal person times (like 7am sounds too early to function but that's what I'm shooting for) and devote it solely to God and His Word and push distractions aside!
  2. Count my macros every day. Counting macros is actually a habit I picked up from my husband who is a bodybuilder. Before we got married I had gained lots of weight and so then I used the clean eating and cardio method to lose it all. THEN last summer when Miles picked up the IIFYM tips we both made the switch and I was able to finish losing the weight I needed to before actually setting a new (higher) goal weight to get up to in lean muscle. I was actually achieving my new higher goal weights and getting stronger too! Then I went on a vacation, ignored my macros for a week, and have never been consistent since. I know that if I was consistent for like a week I could get back on track, but I've just been lazy about it!
  3. Keep taking my vitamins like a champ. You guys. This is big news for me! I have taken my multivitamin every day for almost a month! It was always really hard for me to remember before and then all of a sudden it just clicked! I use a nifty period tracker app that reminds you to take your pill every day, and since I don't take a pill I just mark yes for my vitamin instead! Haha, improvising to the max. However, this upcoming week won't have those pill reminders (for a reason I'm sure you can all put together) and so I'm afraid I'll forget again! Nevertheless, the goal remains. Consistency is key with these things I guess.
  4. Write two more letters. Last week I wrote a couple letters and sent them to some family and friends that live out of state. I'd like to keep this trend up by sending more letters more often. I think that it's fun to have pen pals even if they're just like once a month, or every three months. Plus, now that I do most things via technology, my handwriting is getting outta waco and it's time to hone back in on those skills.
  5. More art. Later this week I'm going to update you guys (kinda) with a new blog schedule (kinda). Short story, I won't be blogging on weekends anymore. I hope that I can get rid of social media on the weekends altogether; however, I am pretty bad about staying offline so this might be a slow process. ANYWAYS, with all of that free time, I want to do more art! I have been really into watercolor and calligraphy lately, so maybe I'll just try and really conquer those two, or maybe I'll try some new mediums. We'll see--either way I'm pretty excited about this.
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