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Weekly Prayer: Loving Unconditionally

weekly prayerJordynComment

God, even though I don't deserve it, thank you for loving me more than I can understand and for continually revealing to me the ways that you do that. I pray that You would help me to love the way you do, without condition, and to whoever I come in contact with: whether a stranger I am driving next to or those in my every day circles. I pray for patience and grace and the ability to communicate and show love that resembles Yours. Thank you that in the times I am angry and curse others, you have already forgiven my hatred and died for that sin. I pray that by learning to love well, you would be glorified and others would come to know you more. Thank you for the opportunity to faithfully serve you in that way. I pray that ultimately, You would be the one I love unconditionally. I know that out of that will flow the desire to love others more, but I pray that you would be the yearning of my heart and the One I desire most. You deserve all of my life. Let me be faithful to You, and not only come to You when I think You deserve it. You always deserve it. Amen.