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Weekly Prayer: God is Amazing! || SRT App

weekly prayerJordynComment

God, I am blown away by Your faithfulness and mercy. It's absolutely incredible that You put it on so many hearts to help fund the SheReadsTruth app, and that YOU did it in a matter of hours. Thank you so much for introducing me to that ministry and all of the things that You've done to my heart alone through them bringing Your truth every, single, day. I know that there are thousands of other women out there that have also been transformed by Your grace through this work and so I praise you for that as well. Lord, I ask that You would continue to bless this ministry as You have. Please keep the doors open and keep providing wisdom to the women who are doin' the work. I ask that You would help this ministry to grow as well, that more women would know the truth of Your word and the Gospel. Again, I am absolutely blown away at the amount of money you have already brought in with 27 days still to go. I pray that you would teach our hearts to be as generous as Yours and that we would be as eager to give our time and money to Your mission as You were to give Your whole life for our souls even though we are sinners.


Although they have funded the Apple app, we are still raising funds for an Android version and other neat things like virtual conferences and whatnot. If you feel like you want some more info about She Reads, head to their website here, or if you're totally in and ready to give some money, click here or that cool sidebar gadget. (They have some pretty great incentives for giving, cough cough). If money still isn't your thing, that's okay! Please continue to pray for this ministry just like we did above. They really rule and I think that God has some huge plans for them.