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Salt Lake City & an Apology

Jordyn4 Comments

       You know how sometimes, time just escapes you, and you totally don't realize that it's already Tuesday in a completely different week? Well it happened to me. I just want to apologize because I planned on being awesome and consistent at this and well... I already muffed it up. I meant to have stuff for you yesterday and Sunday, but I wasn't really thinking and just didn't plan it well enough. To make it up to you, I'm just going to try and be better this week. We'll see. 

       On a cheerier note, the whole reason I was so bad at blogging this weekend is because we went to Salt Lake City for a sweet little vacay! My bestie, Lauren (who by the way captured the lovely photo above), met us there on Friday evening and we had a blast. That night after we got in, Miles went to a bar downtown with some friends for a birthday even though he doesn't really drink, and Lauren and I got some pizza at Pie Hole. Seriously, if you haven't tried the potato & bacon, you haven't lived up to your full pizza eating potential. It's killer. After that, her and I walked to the temple to check it out and then up to the State Capitol where we spent the remainder of the night catching up and taking in the sights of the city. [If you aren't up to speed, Lauren is my bestie who lives in Nevada, so we miss each other now that I am doing my living in Wyoming.] Once Miles picked us up, we topped off the night by driving up to the spot where he proposed to show sweet Lolo and also just because it's a really awesome view of the city.

       On Saturday, we had breakfast at a neat little spot called Eggs in the City and then went to City Creek for some window shopping action. City Creek is really large, and if I wanted to spend all of my husband's money in less than an hour, I would do it there (Steve Madden, Anthropologie--need I say more?). We went back to the temple after that to walk inside the gates and go into the visitor center. As beautiful of a place as it is, it still creeps me out a bit. No Brow Coffee Werks was next. We tried some different coffees there, and it's always fun to watch the Alphadominche in action. Miles then went over to his buddy, Jonny's, and dropped Lo and I off at The Rose Est. We sipped on their home-made chai and snacked on an assortment of their cookies. We trekked to Trolley Square mall after and after exploring there trekked to Coffee Garden on 9th. There, we sipped on tea and met the founder of City Bike Collective (for all you Renoites reading, it's the SLC version of the Reno Bike Collective). That was really cool, and I totally recommend checking them out and supporting the organization. I wish that we had some bikes earlier in the day because although it was cool to see the city, walking around in boots with purses probably wasn't the best way for us to do it. Miles grabbed us around 7:30 and we went to a yummy Thai place with Tory and Jonny for din. 

       Our last day in the city. We started it with church at East Ave which is always refreshing, and then went to lunch with the church at Red Rock after. Since Red Rock was in a mall, we explored that too and then after hitting up coffee garden one last time, we went for a drive to see more sights before the trip was over for good. We ended up driving up into the university area and the Historic District, too. That was neat because I had never been up there and we also got to stalk a house that we had been ogling over from City Home Collective.

 All too soon, the time had passed and it was time to drop off Lo at the airport so we could start our journey back home. We snagged some In-N-Out for the drive and made it back to Casper around 2AM. 

Salt Lake City from lauren Scadden on Vimeo.

       Since then, I have been trying to get caught back up on the house chores and in my devotional, so the blog just hasn't been a priority. Thanks for coming back anyways. Hope to see you again tomorrow with Wednesday's prayer post.

Lots of Love.