Possibly the Most Shocking Weekend of my Life

       To say the least. But I'm not even going to talk about it because bigger (and happier) things happened that I'd rather talk about. God is doing really big things in me and my husband right now, which is making our marriage rule. Miles has been dominating in school and today is the end of his semester! He's been working really hard and some crazy amounts of knowledge have been added to his noggin'. Having a little discipline with devotionals and getting into the Word more often (or, actually getting into it period) has really been crucial to my all around sanity, too. Jesus is seriously changing my heart to loving His word which has been long-awaited and heavily prayed for... Hallelujah!

       Even though as a married couple we experienced a really terrible and heartbreaking Friday night, we've never prayed more together or been so content since we got married probably. Jesus is so crazy good. When we actually look to Him as the means of our happiness instead of the circumstances we face, it's a lot easier to stay afloat...

       We started our weekend off on Friday by me taking Miles on a blind date. And I don't mean that in the, "I took him to meet a lady he didn't know" sorta way but rather, I took him to a movie without him knowing what we were going to watch! We ended up seeing Mr.Peabody and Sherman. We love animated, kid movies, so it was super fantastic and fun. I totally recommend taking your husband on blind dates. Miles always takes me out so it was fun to switch things up a little and be the one in charge. I definitely plan on more in the future.

[insert lame sauce happening here]

We spent the rest of the night trying to fix the problem, but decided it was ultimately out of our hands. [I am going to keep some privacy here just because the fam might mind me sharing such personal info]. We came home and prayed and slept. 

       Saturday was better. We were just very happy. The occasional worry would come in, but prayer was more powerful than our anxieties. I got to get some decor for the house while Miles went to the gym; I got new frames and blankies and some stuff for the kitchen. (The blankies above).  Once I actually get it all hung and stuff, I'll probably post more about the shopping, just because it ended up being way cheap, and I'm a big advocate for saving money! The rest of the day was spent spending time with my darling and a combo of homework and blogging. 

       Sunday morning was spent cuddling and eating yummy breakfast food (the time change really messed us up). I spent the rest of the day deep cleaning to prep for the week, and then doing some more blog planning later that night. Sweet Miles finished so much homework--I can't even begin to explain. He has one final project left after yesterday, and then he has a week in between semesters…words can't describe how proud I am of his determination. We closed our night out with burgers and more prayer, which I'd say is extra great. 

Until the next update,