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It's Monday Again...


       Even though the photo and the title are dreary, don't be deceived: this is a pretty happy update!

       So, all of last week was kind of lame. The weather was lame because it's been doing this thing where we get like two really nice days and then it snows. Then it melts and then we have another nice day. On loop. Waking up to snow in the spring is sort of dreary and so it put me in a funk. I was desperately longing for hang out sessions with all of my Reno friends and family and felt super lonely and sad most of the week. BUT. My husband rules. He must've known something was up because he surprised me with love notes, flowers, and awesome lunch breaks all week. He was extra silly and extra encouraging. It's really great to have such a strong friendship within your marriage. It's way easier to be "naked and unashamed" with each other; like, I wouldn't act the way I do at home with him with but maybe one other person. He's my guy and he just gets me.

       Another really cool thing that happened was my sweet, darling friend, Crystal FaceTimed me right in the midst of feelin lonely so that was a great little gift that brightened up my day! She's one of my absolute best lady friends and her hub and my hub are inseparable (even though we live a couple states away), AND her daughter, Chloe, is our goddaughter. Ugh. Talk about most precious little girl ever. It's mega exciting seeing them over the phone, but also a little sad because Chloe is growing up so darn fast and I want to be closer to her! Wah. Go look at her via James' Insta or Crystal's and you will melt. Promise.

       Next on my list is my weekend. I think that it was a little overwhelming. Mostly because I had forgotten how much we packed into it and I was really looking forward to some rest with my sweet husband. Saturday, we drove a few hours to another little town where we celebrated Grandma Grandma's birthday. Her real name is Florence which is equally as cute. She turned 85! So, the whole family gathered up there and I got to meet some more of Miles' fam, so that was neat. We traveled back that night and then Sunday was just as packed. Church was followed by a [very unmotivated] gym session and then some shopping for a birthday card which turned into buying dog beds and a new bookshelf, a desk lamp, surprising Miles with a new workspace, and the list goes on (all on sale, of course). After that we went over to a friend's for her twentieth birthday party and ended the night with assembling furniture and homework.

       And now it's Monday again. Even though there is snow on the ground, I am excited because A. I get to rearrange my furniture and clean my house and B. This week is the start of a new section of the She Reads Truth lent devotional as well as the start to the Living So That devotional, AND the start to counting my macros, taking my vitamins, and scheduling cardio into my workouts. I know I fit a lot of points in, but I wasn't about to go on listing the whole alphabet.

       What are you most excited about with the week ahead and the start of a new month?!