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It's almost Summer...Unless You Live In Wyoming

lifeJordyn25 Comments

 <<This will probably be a controversial post, but I sure hope that I'm wrong and that no matter everyone's opinions, we will all be supportive and have awesome discussion! >>

       That aside, I've had a recent conviction that I wanna share with you guys and get some honest opinions. As stated, summer is coming, and that means...Bikini Season. And I don't mean that in the workout way, but rather, literally, bikini season. I probably haven't owned a one-piece since I was like eight and thought that the last one would be just that--my last one. Recently though, I've been struggling with the conviction that maybe I should make the switch back. Above is every swim suit I currently own and as you can see, they are all basically just lingerie that is worn to the beach--almost all from Victoria's Secret, too. Anyways, I planned this post for last week and obviously didn't get around to it, but then, boom: this week one of my really great friends made a Facebook post about the same idea and it was even complete with a link to a pinterest board full of stylish one pieces for women.

       At first, my conviction stemmed from the idea that I didn't want any other man to be able to see as much skin as my husband. I mean, it's quite a bit of skin. Everywhere. And I just feel weird walking around in front of anyone else in my undies (even my greatest and closest lady friend), so what was different about doing it at a beach?

      Then it became more intense. It wasn't just about keeping myself for my husband, it was for being a better helper in general. As some of you might know, I became pretty heavily involved with an anti sex trafficking organization when I lived in Reno. There I learned a lot about not only the women being trafficked, but some of the reasons it happens. This meant I learned a lot about porn. I had never realized before then just how many people are viewing it, and honestly how terribly some men struggle with the temptation to take part in watching it, regardless of marital status. I want to watch out for these men and help to guard their hearts.

       It's like if you were trying really hard to avoid coffee. You are a hardcore coffee addict, but you know it's really detrimental to your health (I'm obviously just being far fetched, but please, hang in), so you want to quit drinking it. Plus, your husband is allergic to caffeine and even if you drink it and an hour passes but you kiss him, he has a terrible reaction and has to go to the hospital.. So, for the past month, you've avoided the drug, and you've done really well, some of the desire to drink it has even passed. But then you go to the beach. There is coffee everywhere. Your preferred roast, flavor, amount, what have you. It's more coffee than you can handle. The aroma fills your nostrils and tingles your brain and your heart is jumping. It's everywhere. All the good kinds. The water is coffee now too. What the heck man. The craving is back. You need it. You go home and in private, you submerge into coffee world even though you know you shouldn't. It's just as good as before except now you feel guilty and sad about your husband because the coffee high has left. 

       Coffee to us is bikini to man.

The struggle with porn is real and vicious. I have known men who altogether avoid the beach and pool parties just because they can't handle that overwhelming temptation. I just don't know if I could go out in a two piece confidently anymore knowing that. If all it takes is a change in attire for my brother to accept the invite to the pool party, I say count me in.

       Am I going to throw out all of my two pieces now? No. Maybe one day my hub and I will have a hot tub, or go on some exotic vacay with a private pool. Who knows. 

       Do I resent you if your choice is a two piece? Heck no! I love you all the same.

This is my conviction, maybe it's not yoursAre you on the edge of making the switch, but afraid you won't be able to find a cute one-piece? Problem solved.

Also, check out this video by Jessica Rey for some really awesome insights!

Whatever your conviction is on the one vs two piece dilemma, please comment below, or shoot me an email. I really would love to have lots of discussions on this topic.