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I'm Feeling A Bit Rude.

lifeJordyn6 Comments

       I went off and started a blog and didn't even let you guys know what I'd be providing you with! If you'd like to get to know me a little better, check out the "Meet Us" page above. If you still aren't satisfied, click on some of those little circle buttons over to the right: you'll get to stalk my Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and check out some of my doodads on Etsy. If Bloglovin' is your thing, I'm there, too. If my husband is what you're into, seriously check out the "Wedding" page. Our big day was phenomenal and really unique! I'd actually love to talk more about it in future posts, I think.

       Now that you've met me/us, and navigated my blog a little, I'll let you know what I'm gonna be sharing...orrrr.. more so what I say I plan to share, but won't actually. Who knows. We're still up in the air here!

  • First and foremost, this is a lifestyle blog. I'm mostly just going to blog about life as it happens! 
  • On Fridays, plan on getting a short devotional, just like the one from yesterday!
  • I would love to maybe just have a short prayer post once a week. I'll brainstorm more about this soon. Promise.
  • I am a part time homemaker, so how about some cleaning, organization tips, and decor inspiration??
  • Food: recipes, meal plans, and freezer fillers.
  • Art and DIY projectos. Getting all crafty up in HURR!
  • Apps I use and stuff...who knows. 

A few things I am still up in the air about:

  • I workout frequently. Want some of my favorite routines or exercises?
  • Now Playing: Favorite tunes right now.
  • Short hair tips, or hair tips in general; I have had all lengths! Bleaching and coloring tips and videos...etc
  • Makeup & Outfit tidbits (when I actually get ready or something)....but if you actually want to follow a super sweet fashion blog, check out Abbey Kay. She is my outfit inspo! Holla.

       So, basically. Let me know your thoughts or any other ideas you wanna throw my way. I appreciate you lots!