The Ocean Was Calling

Nearly four years ago when Miles and I decided to relocate back to Reno, one of the biggest factors was its proximity to the Ocean and how easily we could do day trips to the beach. And then we had kids and we literally never went together. In nearly four years and less than three hundred miles from the coast, we never made the trip. Despite plans to make it happen, it just didn't.

Que in Sir Kendall Town. He text me one day and asked if I would be down to do a photoshoot with Miles in a yellow dress at SF's Sutro Baths. Uhhhh, my favorite color is yellow and I NEED THE OCEAN so without hesitation I told him that we would absolutely make it happen. Three days later our van got in a little crash and the dogs got in a little squabble annnnnnnd we had to, yet again, cancel our trip to the ocean. I was pretty crushed.

Que in Sir Kendall Town. "Do you want to try again this weekend?" ABSOLUTELY KENDALL. 

My incredible boss, lady friend, and fellow twin mama, Michelle, also told us to take some dresses from Swoon and so obviously, some magic happened, my friends. So much so that I had to share it here, with you all.

And so without further ado,

I give to you:

 Me, playing in the ocean for the first time in five years

and so much more fabulous goodness for your scrolling pleasure.


I obviously did.

| first bustier: Carina by Watters  | second bustier: Poppy by Willoby by Watters | skirt: Ahsan by Watters |

| yellow wrap dress: lulu's |