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Jordyn BrazilComment

We all say it: “the days are long, but the years are short,” but when you add two kids to your one kid, I think that saying becomes even more relevant. Here we are, exactly one year after welcoming Kuyper and Kinsley earthside and it honestly feels unreal to me.


You finally find a routine that works and then they’re into the next leap, needing something new from you  There were days, long, long days where I cried nearly as much as my three kids combined. Being a twin mom, a mom of three under two, has been hard . This last year has stretched me and worn me so thin; it’s been nonstop and left me wondering how I can possibly muster enough energy or emotion or love or grace or literally anything at all to step forward and keep going on.


The days are long.  

But then, where did the time go? Didn’t he — no, she— just roll over for the first time? Wasn’t it her — or maybe it was him, yes, definitely him — that just said his first word? It happens too quickly. One has a first and then the next does it too.   


My heart could burst with the amount of overwhelming joy these children have brought me. Yes, double the work, but maybe quadruple the laughter. Twins are so special. Watching two humans develop into their own separate personalities, despite experiencing nearly the exact same conditions every day is truly magical. 


The years are short. 

The past 365 days have flown — I’m not kidding you flown  — by. They were literally born yesterday and now they are one. I can’t wrap my head around it and it’s quite possible I just don’t want to. 

Praise God for Kuyper Shea and Kinsley Joy Brazil. They are two extraordinary children whom I love with the deepest parts of my being and getting to mother them is an honor I hope to be blessed with many more years of.