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Teeth Whitening For the Holidays

Jordyn BrazilComment

So, if I'm being completely transparent with you here, I've never been totally confident in my smile. My bottom teeth are crowded and recently I just had a baby tooth pulled (yes, I still have baby teeth) that never had an adult tooth grow in under it. My best friend is a dental hygienist and I wouldn't even let her look into my mouth despite her tooth infatuation!

When Smile Brilliant approached me about their whitening system, you could only imagine my excitement that I could totally love my smile again as well as the relief I felt that I wouldn't need anybody to look into my mouth to do it since it all takes place in your own home! 

*spoiler alert: you'll want to read to the end of this post*

  all images c/0  sirberry

all images c/0 sirberry

And guys, this opportunity happened just in time for family photos season! Despite the fact that my two year old had a fresh haircut scheduled and the twins have had their outfits picked out for weeks, I really hadn’t done anything to prepare myself — cue in Smile Brilliant!

This whitening system is literally the same exact experience you’d have whitening with a dentist, but you get to do it in your own home, on your own time, at a fraction of the cost!

The process:

First you receive your initial tray kit where you make your custom molds. Once you send those back to headquarters, they make your custom fitted trays and send them right back to you. From that point, you can start whitening!


I always started whitening right after dinner because you want about 4 hours to whiten and desensitize if you’re doing max amount of time for both processes.  

While whitening I would get all the kids ready for bed and tucked in, clean up the kitchen and house for the evening, and then either plop on the couch for my weekly Grey’s fix or work on homework.  

I’d finish whitening around 10 each night which was right before my bedtime (perfect — no chance to stain my freshly whitened chomps).  

And that's it. Literally, so simple. 

Just put the trays in and go about your normal, multitasking life!


And guess what!! After just a few applications, my teeth are noticeably whiter — something that I can be excited about documenting via family photos. Cue the Christmas card designing and sending!!


I absolutely recommend this system to anyone that wants whiter teeth and I’m extremely excited to be able to give a kit away to one of my readers so that they can have beautiful, pearly whites for their family photos as well!

this giveaway is for a $139 smile brilliant credit. it will close 11/27/17 and is open to usa, uk, AUSTRALIA + canadian residents. hurry and ENTER Via the link below!!

And for those of you that just can't wait, or need more than one kit -- use code shewhofears10 for 10% off!

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