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Cloth Diaper 102

Jordyn BrazilComment

So, if you're wondering, "102?" well, that's because I wrote a post a while ago on cloth diapering. Since then, I've added two more babies to our world of diaper duty and I've learned a whole lot more. I also frequently get asked about cloth diaper stuff and things via Instagram and so instead of writing it all out each time, I wanted a convenient place to point people to. So, all that to say, if you're in the business of learning about cloth diapers, sit back, grab a notepad, and read on.

(Also, I am in no way an expert when it comes to this stuff. I just do what works for my family. I highly recommend visiting your local cloth diapering retailer, connecting with cd mamas online or in person, or even emailing customer service of your diaper company for more in depth questions and trouble shooting -- honestly they're glad to help!)


+ The first question you're gonna ask is "how many diapers do I actually need?" I think the recommendation is like 24 diapers per babe. With the twins we had about 54 All-In-One style diapers (and we didi diaper laundry just about every other day for the first few weeks *insert crying emoji*).

+ Next I usually get asked what kind of diapers we use/like. With Mattheus we mainly used prefolds and covers. It's a very economical option and honestly you never have to worry about leaks. The only drawback was the HUGE fluff butt, but when you spend fifty bucks once and diaper your baby for four months, a big butt really aint no thang.

+ With the twins, I wanted to simplify so we ended up only going with the AIO (all-in-one) style diaper. They're just like a disposable diaper with snaps that you wash and reuse instead of throwing away. We used a combination of GroVia's, Lil'Joeys, Luludews, and THX. I bought all of these diapers second-hand, which is a completely different and totally awesome thing in itself. 

+ "How much does it cost?" Well, that depends on how you want to do it. With Mattheus, I spent about $50. For all of the twins' diapers I spent closer to $300. You can buy all of your diapers new or you can buy them all used. There are so many things that factor into it. But in the end, no matter how you decide to do it, you pay the initial amount ONE TIME up front and then you're set. Disposable diapers add up quickly.

+ For a little more info on cloth diapering a newborn, GroVia has a great page you can visit.


+ So, I love GroVia. This is not a sponsored post. I just love the diapers. The AI2 system is so genius and simple and just fab. It's a one size diaper so as soon as the babes aren't fitting in newborn diapers anymore, they go into these. Right now I have three completely different sized babes in these diapers. They rule.

+ Our stash now consists of about 28 shells, 54 or so inserts, about 6 cotton boosters, one ONE diaper, and some prefolds.

+ FOR NIGHTTIME: Mattheus and Kuyper get a cotton hybrid plus a tri-folded prefold. Kinsley gets a cotton hybrid diaper plus a cotton booster.


+ I use cloth wipes in a warmer.

+ I used to make my own solution (water, baby shampoo, lavender EO, tea tree EO) but now I use Baby Bits. I'm all about convenience these days and it doesn't get more convenient than that! I was a little worried that it would become expensive to buy the solution instead of me making it, but I honestly think it's cheaper this way because I'm not using my own oils. I am also only on my second pack of them and the twins are almost five months old!


+ I would go into detail here about my wash routine but I don't want to confuse you. Our routines will be different. Instead I'll give you some pointers.

+ Breast-fed baby poop doesn't need to be rinsed off before throwing the diaper into your dirty paint. Food-fed baby poop does. Make it easy on yourself and buy a diaper sprayer attachment (everyone will assume this is a bidet) and a Spray Pal.

+ Wash your diapers every two to three days.

+ Use enough soap (but not too much).

+ IF YOU ARE UNSURE, CONTACT YOUR DIAPER RETAILER OR MANUFACTURER'S CUSTOMER SERVICE. They will help you figure out a routine that WILL clean your diapers without ruining them and without ruining your warranty (if bought new).

+ STAY AWAY FROM FLUFF LOVE. If you cloth diaper you will hear about this Facebook group. They are "strip" happy in my opinion. STOP STRIPPING YOUR DIAPERS ALL THE TIME. SEE POINT ABOVE.

+Honestly, it's hardly any different than all of your other laundry and simple is better. For a little more info, visit this page