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A Haitus

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You guys.

I miss blogging.

I feel like I've never been busier in my life, but I popped over here and felt this huge hole in my heart. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little; but, I do miss this creative outlet. 

I'm telling myself that I'm going to post here more often. Don't hold me accountable, but we'll see.

I'll start with an update right now.

So, I basically have a toddler now. Mattheus will be one in about two weeks. He is such a joy! He recently took his first steps, he babbles non-stop, and has the most awesome little personality. It has been an insanely hard year learning how to be a mother, yet I wouldn't trade it for anything, as I have experienced more of God's grace than ever before.

We also moved about two weeks ago. Same city—different neighborhood. I am in love with our new little house and it has been a blast turning it into “home”. We have a great backyard and I can’t wait to start a garden and build us a clothesline as soon as it stops raining.

Miles quit the corporate thing a few months ago and opened a branch of an agency here (that was originally started by some friends in WY). He has been incredibly busy and is having the best time working for himself with friends. 

Miles and two of his business partners also bought a gym here in Reno. It’s crazy cool that we own a gym! I never saw myself getting into crossfit, but I absolutely love it and am even considering a competition in July!

Steel + Twine is totally a thing again and despite not advertising myself much (or at all), I am staying pretty consistently busy, which has been very fun.

Oh! And I’m heading to a family reunion this weekend. It’s a twelve hour drive. I will have Mattheus. I’m semi freaking out but I can’t wait at the same time. Any road-trip with a one year old tips you’ve got to throw my way?

I hope this update has been fun for you — I probably won’t be back here until after Mattheus’ puppy-themed party, but I will be back! With photos! ;)