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Summer, Summer Time

Jordyn BrazilComment

When asked my favorite season, it's always been a no-brainer question. I've never, ever toggled back and forth between seasons, I've never had another favorite. It's summer. It always has been and it always will be: summer.

I'm not a fan of the cold. I prefer the heat. I prefer being outside and enjoying the sunshine than cooped up indoors.

I'm not a crazy sports fan (we don't have a tv), but I love baseball season and the fact that on any random night we can go catch a game.

I love the lake (Tahoe) and spending my days on the beach and in the water.

I love all of the summertime activities that involve being outside, like nightly dog walks, camping, hiking, park picnics bike rides...the list is endless!

Friends, summer is so beautiful. I'm a plant/flower girl all the way, and I just love summertime trees and flowers. 

I love the long days -- backyard barbecues that are lit by the sun until nine pm and then twinkly string lights after that.

Summer is such a spontaneous season for us. One filled with all sorts of "why not's" and "heck yes's". I love that. I love our road trips and exploration days!

Am I in the minority or majority? What's your favorite season + why?

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