Dear, Me

Hey, You.

You brilliant, stubborn girl. I see you. I know you. Heck, I am you.

There are so many things I want to tell you to do differently, and to try harder at, but where you are now is absolutely remarkable and I wouldn't want it to be any other way. Let me let you in on a few things:

+ You're wrong about God. He does exist and sometime this year He's going to soften your heart. You will worship Him for the remainder of your life.

+ Ugh, that senior boy you're dating right now? I wish you had never given him the time of day. He never deserved a girl like you and you stuck around way too long. He's a jerk. He'll hurt you pretty bad more than once, but you will keep letting him come back, until you don't. He will come over and beg for you to give him another chance and you'll finally let him know that you really just have no desire to be with him. (Praise Jesus for this revelation!)

+ Don't be so hard on your mom. She really does just care about you, even though she's difficult at times.

+ Make more of an effort with your dad. You will drift even further apart than you are now, and it will make you sad every single day. Literally. Turn things around now. 

+ Stop being so lazy in school. You love learning. You love challenge. Stop. Being. So. Lazy. You will go on to switch schools your sophomore year and graduate high school at a college. You will get some college credits while you're in high school, but you won't graduate with your associates, like you had hoped. You got too indecisive and then you didn't work hard enough. You will graduate and you won't use the scholarship you earned to go back. Your family will be disappointed. Now we just say, oh well.

+ That dreamy guy you met this year? I know you know who I'm talking about. Miles? Yeah, you're gonna marry him. Before you graduate high school. Trust me, we thought it was crazy, too. But you two will marry and it's going to be the best, most sanctifying thing ever. And spoiler alert: he just gets dreamier + dreamier with each day. You lucky girl, you. You married a gem. 

+ You will move to Wyoming and mostly, you will hate it. The winters are long and cold and that's just not your thing. But when you move back to Reno you will miss it. Whatever, haha.

+ A few years down the road, you and Miles will have your first baby, a son. He will change your whole life. It will be so hard, but so rewarding and every day you will love him more and more. I think that we will figure out mom-hood soon enough (I hope).

+ You're really crunchy now. Like by the book, Urban Dictionary definition plus a little extra. 

+ Oh, and you're still obsessed with plants. Not so much elephants.

You're about to deal with a lot in the next few years, girlfriend. But hey. You make it through and you come out stronger for it. Not much that you care about now will matter in a couple months or years so just cling to Jesus and pursue Him. Read your dang Bible and get to know the God you worship. He's all that matters, and He has a pretty sweet plan for the rest of your life.


Hang in there,

- An Older, Wiser You

Just for fun, here's me! At sixteen! I was challenging Daniel Tosh (from Tosh.0) to a v-neck challenge at the time...which He never took me up on. Ha!

Just for fun, here's me! At sixteen! I was challenging Daniel Tosh (from Tosh.0) to a v-neck challenge at the time...which He never took me up on. Ha!

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