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plum sweater || midi skirt || booties

So lately I've been thinking a lot about style. How convenient that it's today's prompt!

Have any of you heard of the capsule wardrobe concept? I had read a lot about people doing it, but I never looked into it. Until a few weeks ago. I have been feeling like I was wearing the same things over and over and just wasn't really enjoying my wardrobe and then pinterest came along and reminded me of this capsule thingy.

So, I got down to business. I started by creating a pinterest board to serve as my place for new wardrobe pieces and building my capsule. Next, I went to my closet and sorted it out: donate, sell, give, keep. I ended up hosting an auction on Instagram and made close to $250! Crazy to think that all these clothes I never wore would make a happy home in someone else's closet, eh? Now, I'm working on slowly bringing in new pieces and making sure that they fit well, are versatile, and that I absolutely love them!

However, there's a catch. I would also love to build my capsule wardrobe ethically. (Which, by the way, is way harder to do than I thought it would be!) This means I'm either spending a little more for the shirt that's made up to ethical standards or buying pre-loved pieces that might otherwise be thrown out. Would definitely love to hear some of your favorite brands to shop in the comments!

Anywho, I feel like my style has generally stayed the same over the years and that maybe it changes a little from season to season. Above are some of my current fall "crushes". If you want to, head on over to my capsule pinterest board, or even my pre-capsule, general style pinterest board to see more of what I like! 

What's your style? Are you a "capsuler"? What are your fave ethical brands? Share below!

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