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What's in my bag?

Jordyn BrazilComment

Well howdy doodee folks! My deepest apologies for already falling off of the Blogtember bandwagon! This past weekend ended up being a little bit crazier than intended and I had exactly negative five minutes to sit down and blog. In other words: I hangout with my family and friends from the minute I opened my eyes until I closed them and that was way worth it. I hope you had a fab weekend, too!

I'm pretty pumped to hop back in for today's prompt: what's in your bag? I think that it always says a lot about people to check in their purses and I am pretty sure that what's in mine will reveal a lot, too. 

So, I used to carry a wonderful canvas + leather cross body that Miles gifted me, and then a smaller Noonday cross body after that....but now, I carry...

A diaper bag! Woo!

It's just not practical to carry both a purse and diaper bag so I consolidated to just one, and here's what's inside:

+ An Aden + Anais swaddle in case cold weather strikes!

+ A burp rag - ugh

+ A few extra diapers in the form of one shell and two soakers

+ A binky -- even though Mattheus never takes it! Haha

+ Some wipes and solution - holla for savin motha nature

+ A wet bag to store dirty diapers until we get home

+ Changing pad (came with bag)

+ An extra onesie - that is actually too small for Bub now. Good thing I pulled this out haha

+ A pair of baby sweats

+ Approximately one million pairs of baby socks

+ Hand Sanitizer because we have to care about germs now

+ A carseat/nursing cover - best thing ever!

+ Chapstick - because chapped lips are never fun

+ My wallet -- I know, it's amazing. My best friend gifted it to me a few birthdays back!

+ Bug spray (I'm allergic to mosquitoes)

+ Gum - bad breath is never okay

+ Almost empty water bottle

What are the staples of your bag? Link up with us!

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