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Currently || September

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Reading || 1 Chronicles. I have been forever, and I hope to finish in the next day or so. 

Playing || around with the idea of rearranging our living room. For the third time this month..

Watching || Mattheus work so hard at trying to eat his fist!

Trying || to finish up my 101 in 1,001 list — so fun!

Cooking || well, I’ve been making lots of tuna lately. So easy to prep and then eat all week!

Eating || Cocoa Pebbles with coconut milk. Go ahead, judge me! 

Drinking || Water, like it’s going out of style! But wishing we had some coffee in this house!

Calling || Haha! I avoid phone calls as much as possible.

Texting || Miles, to figure out how long class will be today.

Pinning || Is everything an acceptable answer? Baby stuff, home decor, clothes, food…you name it!

Tweeting || I need to step up my tweet game. What do you tweet about?

Going || to a graduation party in a little bit! Our friend became an officer last week!

Loving || Mattheus’ sweet giggles. They’re rare, but when they happen, my heart totally melts.

Hating || that Summer is almost over. I just wanna live at the beach.

Discovering || that there is so much fun stuff I wanna do! This 101 in 1,001 list is

Thinking || about disagreements.

Feeling || Loved and protected by Jesus and my husband.

Hoping (for) || a relaxing and disconnected weekend.

Listening (to) || My Current Spotify playlist

Celebrating || The fact that it’s the weekend! Holla!

Smelling || kind of gross, but milk. I totally need a shower…tmi? Haha

Ordering || Mattheus’ baby book! So excited to show you guys what I got! And plants. This home needs some plants

Thanking || My husband. For his gracious guidance and protective wisdom. Also for working so very hard so that I am able to be a stay at home momma. I love this man so, so much.

Considering || where + how we can get a getaway soon.

Starting || workouts + macro counting on MONDAY. Woo.

Finishing || up all the junk food because I need to get it together come Monday.

What are you up to right now?

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