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A Friday Night IN

Jordyn BrazilComment

This is sort of a funny prompt, because by the time Friday rolls around I'm usually itching to get out of the house with the husband and babe! But, for your enjoyment, here's Blogtember day 11:

It's a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

After Miles came home from work, we'd probably make something yummy for dinner, assuming we had planned on staying in. During the summer months we usually go out on Fridays because it's Food Truck Friday at the park. I'm thinking that we'd get down on some steak and asparagus or burgers and sweet potato fries.

We don't own a tv or anything so we're really not the kind of people to stay in. I'm gonna break the rules here, but we're taking the dogs on a walk. That, or going on a bike ride. For the sake of the prompt, we won't go anywhere in particular. We'd just walk/ride until it got dark and return home.

Around 8:45 we'd put Mattheus down so maybe before then we'd give him a bath (both bub and dad love bath time). And once he was asleep, Miles and I might return to the couches for some cuddling and decompressing after a long week. We'd probably talk and pray for a bit but then get ready for bed not too long after. Miles has a Saturday class so we're adjusting to that accordingly by getting adequate rest!

How do you celebrate Friday nights in?

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