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My Passion

Jordyn BrazilComment

Today's prompt took more consideration than I thought that it was going to. When asked, "What are you passionate about?" The answer comes easy to me: I am passionate about Jesus. 

Passionate is an adjective that is defined as "having, compelled by, or ruled by an intense emotion or strong feeling; fervid." And when Jesus is what is ruling and compelling you, your life is driven in a very specific way. My love and desire for God trickles down into each area of my life and reveals other, meaningful things that I am very much passionate about.

I am passionate about Godly living. I desire to life a life unto the Lord. I want to abide in Jesus wholly -- in His Law and His Grace -- and finish the race strong. I await with eagerness the day that I hear from my Lord, "Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master" (Matthew 25: 14-30).

I am passionate about being a wife. I absolutely love marriage and all that it has taught and continues to teach me. I love sharing the joy and wisdom I have with others and most importantly, I love serving and caring for my sweet, sweet husband- the head of my home and lover of my soul.

I am passionate about being a fierce mother. This, I am still learning, but it definitely drives me. I love the role of motherhood and all that it takes to raise a little child. I have always loved, loved kids and it's so much more intense when they're your own! I pray for many little babes to fill our house with all of the love and joy that children bring. I hope that I will continue to bloom in this new role that I have been called to and that our children would flourish by the grace of God.

According to Miles, I am also passionate about new things and adventure -- which I can totally see! Two months after getting married, Miles and I moved a thousand miles from all that we knew to do life in Wyoming. New. Adventure! Haha, I think that I'm mostly just excited about doing all that I can while I am here on this earth. I don't want the word "no" to rule our lives, and I want to learn to make the best of every situation. I want to make decisions from knowledge and experience and not count things (like moving away or trying new food, etc.) out just because they're different. Rather, I aim to embrace new things and live a very full life.

what drives you? Do we have similar passions?

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