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Weekly Prayer | ISIS

Jordyn BrazilComment

Lord, thank you for my freedom to worship you openly.

I praise you for my brothers and sisters across the sea that openly worship you despite the fact that their very lives are on the line for it.

I pray for protection for those Christians. I pray that they would find safe places, away from ISIS terrorists, to live and dwell. 

I pray for their perserverance, and that they would stand confidently, even in the face of death, amidst evil, knowing their reward is in Heaven. I pray for emotional perserverance as well. I can only imagine the distress they must feel and I pray that you would encourage them by Your Word; that they would remember that sorrow and even death itself will be put to death upon Your return, and that a Heavenly justice will soon reign. 

Lord, I lift up each member of ISIS to you and I pray for their salvation. I beg for you to soften their hearts, to reveal to them the horrors of their crimes, and to bring them to repentance.  

I pray that more light would be shed on what is happening abroad and that American citizens and American government would become active participants in ending it. 

I pray that Your Church would grow and be strengthened; that we would be on the forefront of the battle and that we would see the end of it.

God, I pray for victories against ISIS whether it be over the wars they bring through social media, terrorist attacks here in America, or in other countries -- even their home place. I pray for victories, and I have Faith that You alone will bring them. 

Father, I trust that You are good, that You are in control, and that Your will is better than anything that I could imagine. I confess that sometimes I question why You allow certain things and I doubt Your goodness. Forgive me and help me to walk in Your Truth.