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The Things You ACTUALLY Need Before Baby Comes

Jordyn BrazilComment

Don't be like me. Before I had Mattheus, all I was worried about was Mattheus. So, I registered for him and I prepared for him to arrive, but I didn't even think of the things that I might want for myself after he arrived. Here's a simple list for you, so you aren't waddling into your local Target with a destroyed bottom, engorged and bra-less breasts, donut in hand -- like me. That's what I did. Emphasis on the waddling.

1. Peri Bottle - You will probably receive one of these from your midwife or hospital after you have the baby. They know that you are not wiping any time in the near future. This is also what we use for on the go wipe solution now that momma doesn't need it. Win-win.

2. Tucks - feel heavenly on your freshly destroyed bottom. I kept mine in the refrigerator and then used them to wipe after #2 and sometimes even just left them lined on my pad in my undies. The Witch Hazel helps with healing and trust me, they are so soothing.

3. Tend Her ice packs - these were a life saver. If you're like me, you might have a hard time resting. So you might get really swollen. These will help with that swelling and they are also just really great to help ease the pain you are going to experience after pushing a baby out. They have really soft, washable covers, too so there's nothing odd going back into the freezer.

4. Boppy - Miles actually picked me up an inflatable donut from the pharmacy which was nice to use to sit on when we went out and in the car, but the boppy was also really nice and a great alternative since you've probably already registered for one.

5. Sitz Bath Spray - A really generous friend actually made me two real sitz baths and they were super divine. Either find a friend to hook you up with a few of them, or have a few ready for you. If you don't have sitz baths, regular baths feel great, too. But this spray will help with the healing process, so you might wanna get on that.

6. Stool Softener - these came highly recommended by my midwife, a doula, and two other mothers. Basically, I was terrified of my first poop after birth and so I immediately started popping these like they were going out of style. I never had any problems with painful pooping, either. 

7. Nipple Butter - I'm so thankful that Mattheus was such a solid eater right from the get go, but we did have our rough days. Rough on my nips. This stuff is bomb diggity and feels so pleasant when you put it on your chapped lady friends. 

8. Bamboobies - I overproduce in the milk department and so there's a lot of leaking happening basically all the time. These have saved me many embarrassing shirt change scenarios for sure. They're a little pricey up front but they're washable so you only have to buy them once. Plus, they're mega soft and keep you feeling dry. *Note: if you have dogs, make sure you don't leave a dirty one on your nightstand, because it's likely that your dog will eat the entirety of it. 

9. Waterproof Liners - Again, you may get a few of these from the hospital or midwife, but head over to Walgreens and pick up a pack. No one wants to wash the sheets every day and there will be leaks. Also, if you hate sleeping in a bra, like I do, you can sleep with one of these under you and your sheets will be saved from milk. Yippee! (Or I just use towels now).

10. Diapers -- for yourself. - the mesh undies from the hospital are great, but you're gonna have to wash them. Do yourself a favor and pick up one or two packs of these bad boys for the days when you need them. 

11. Nursing Bras - Remember that story I told in the beginning about waddling into Target two days post partum? Yeah, it was for one of these bad boys. Do yourself a favor and snag one before baby comes. I got one that doesn't have a cup size (just small, medium, large) and it's great; I didn't have to worry about sizing up because the cup part is stretchy. 

12. Hemorrhoid Cream - Just trust me on this one. Think of all of that pushing. 

13. Deodorant - I never had a problem with being stinky. In fact, I only seldom wore deodorant before having bub. But for some reason, after I had him I smelled like the WORST b.o. Even right outta the shower. Fifteen minutes and I smelled like I had competed a triathlon minus the swimming. The deodorant I linked to is pretty magical and the vanilla lavender scent is all the praise hands. If you don't get that deodorant just remember to find something aluminum free!

14. Padcicles - These felt really nice and soothing and they also help the healing process. Make them now and stick em in your freezer for later. 

15. Your placenta - I had my placenta encapsulated and took it after giving birth. I definitely noticed an increase of energy. There are many benefits to encapsulating your placenta that you can read about here.  You can also keep your pills in the freezer to save for menopause which I think is pretty fab.

16. Advil - I delivered Mattheus naturally, but you would've thought I was an addict post partum. In my defense, I tore pretty badly, but I kept a bottle near and dear to the bed. 

17. Food + water - after giving birth you will be ravenously hungry and you'll probably surprise yourself with how much you are able to eat due to nursing. I am still eating almost as much as my husband daily. Water is also so important for your milk supply! Drink, drink, drink!! 

18. Vitamins - I kept up on my prenatals until I was all out but recently switched over to a post natal. You are taking such great care of your body during pregnancy that it makes no sense to go cold turkey just because the baby is outside of you -- if you're breast feeding, you are still baby's main food source!


What at about you? Have you had a baby? What were your essentials and what did you wish you had? Are you expecting? When are you due?