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Hello There // Blogtember Challenge

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Hey there! For those of you that are popping over through Bailey's challenge, welcome! I'm glad you're here. For those of you that are like, "ohmygosh Jordyn actually published something new and I wonder what the heck it is..", well, here it is:

It's no secret that I've pretty much fallen off of the blog-all-the-time or even the anytime-at-all-wagon. I have loads of topics that I want to write on, but I just haven't made time for myself to study and write in a big chunk. I get a few minutes here and a few there and it's just not enough for me to give you anything really deep yet. Also, I'm just not super motivated to make that time lately, if I'm being completely honest. 

But! My friend, Bailey, over at Brave Love Blog is doing a Blogtember Challenge and I think it may be just what I need to kick my booty into gear. If I go a whole month of consistent blogging, I'm sure I'll be more motivated than ever to get back to the roots of this blog!

Today's prompt: Introduce yourself!


For those of you that don't know, I'm Jordyn. My middle name is Monique, after my aunt. Everyone wants to guess my age, either that I'm 12 or 25, but I'm somewhere in between. I have been married to my spectacular husband, Miles, for almost two and a half years and it's one of the most magical things ever. I am also a stay at home momma to a wee little lad who recently turned three months old (HOW‽) and two big german shepherd pups.


I am a Christian and have been for about six years now. I didn't have any sort of religious upbringing and ultimately became an atheist. Thankfully, Jesus had much bigger plans for my life and now I live to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. 

We might be able to be friends if you like the following as much as me:

+ long walks on the beach and sunsets

Just kidding. Both of those things are nice, but that's really just what came to mind. Is this a friendship ad? Am I on a match site? Yikes.

Okay, anyways, I really enjoy coffee and good music (ie. james vincent mcmorrow, daughter, ben howard, brand new, the antlers, city and color, sleeping at last, paper kites, yellow card, the classic crime, manchester orchestra, johnny holland...the list goes on).

+ I'm not fond of mornings unless they turn out to be really productive.

+ I enjoy making pretty things.

+ I propagate succulents and I'm working on creating a succulent garden.


+ I wish that I had a real garden, too, but that's a lot easier to kill.

+ I really enjoy plants and trees and flowers.

+ I love the outdoors: camping, swimming, relaxing, paddle boarding, biking, just existing really.

+ I wish I was a creative cook, but I'm a pretty terrible one and would prefer to eat cardboard than my own recipes. 

+ If you walked into my home on any random day at any given time I would probably either be nursing Mattheus or cleaning my home because I think that I do those things most often.

+ I also enjoy taking the dogs on walks with my family.

+ I used to lift weights and I enjoyed that a lot, but have had a hard time getting to the gym. My friend, Annie, and I are going to start home workouts on the sixth though, so ask me how that's going in a couple weeks.

+ I enjoy yoga but think that a lot of it can be silly so instead of concentrating on my breath to "feel my spirit" I usually like to do it and think of how crazy amazing God has made the human body.

+ Before having a baby I was on track to finish my Bible and then some in a year but now I'm a few books behind. I really hope to still finish it by December 31st though, so that's another reason I haven't been blogging. During nap time I'm usually reading instead of writing. 


+ I had a home birth, use cloth diapers and wipes, wear my baby, don't vaccinate (we're still mulling this over), shop at whole foods, and use mostly organic. We're referred to as crunchy.

+ What else? Oh. I'm pretty infatuated with the idea of a capsule wardrobe lately so I've been working on that little by little. Mainly just pinning stuff on Pinterest, but it's the thought that counts, right?

+ I guess I should also tell you that I'm an introvert. Which a lot of people wouldn't assume through reading my blog. Or maybe even through meeting me in person. I'm pretty good at making conversation [when forced into situations that I have to] but I would prefer to either be by myself or with a small group of friends that I'm really comfortable with. I recharge with solitude and being around people for too long leaves me feeling drained. My husband is pretty opposite, although I think that as much as he loves people, he recharges best alone, too. 

I'm sure there are a million more things that I could tell you about myself, but I'll leave it at that. Feel free to pop over to my about pages as well, but I hope that in the next thirty days you will get to know me even better!

Who are you? Hop onto the Blogtember challenge and start by introducing yourself to the blog-o-sphere!

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