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Describe Your Ideal Day

Jordyn BrazilComment

After Saturday morning cuddles with Miles and Mattheus, I think that I'd enjoy waking up to french toast bed. With a French press of Blue Copper's coffee. There would be fresh fruit, too. Maybe some James Vincent spinning in the background? Sure, why not. 

After that, I'd probably enjoy a lake day at Tahoe. We'd bring the dogs and it would be just us on the beach, relaxing. This would be a mid-late August day so it's just hot enough that you'd actually want to swim but not so scorching that if you didn't, sitting on the beach is unbearable. 

We'd transition from lying on the beach to playing fetch and swimming with the dogs. I think we'd eat In-N-Out for lunch; I'd drink Dr.Pepper and Miles would have a diet coke. Mattheus would just nurse ;) . Somehow, the In-N-Out would be fresh, even though there isn't one in Tahoe. Oh my, the fries. So yum. Much good.

After a full day in the sun, we would head home, leave everything to be unpacked later, shower, and change into sweats and jammies.  

I can't decide if we'd have Wild Garlic pizza or pud Thai so we'd just get both delivered. As we eat dinner in bed, we'd watch some hilarious new movie on the computer and laugh ceaselessly. 

By the time the movie finished, Mattheus would be asleep so Miles and I would eat icecream and foot cuddle and talk about life and probably quote the movie we just watched.  

Maybe it would end with a massage from the hub and a eucalyptus spearmint candle from bed bath and body works lit nearby (they're so yummy).

My dream day would be filled with my family and tons of laughter. Miles and I wouldn't feel stressed about a single thing and we'd just enjoy our little family.  

What at would your dream day be like? Full of friends or maybe a day to yourself at the spa? Link up with us for the Blogtember Challenge! 

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