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April Showers Bring...

goalsJordyn BrazilComment

...well, a May baby. Mattheus is coming next month unless he decides to be stubborn and make us wait until June. April Showers mean we are closer to Mattheus' birth and that is so exciting and terrifying all at once.

March was my month to re-refresh and I would say that it was a pretty unrefreshing month, but my goals were still primarily achieved -- I sort of "nested" (read: the crib came and we put it together); I decided on pregnancy scripture and am in the process of memorization; and I didn't make any new playlists, but I did update my current ones. The month was quite unrefreshing because we're just dealing with some stressful bathroom situations (read: the master bath is being demolished and redone = loud fans, strange men, and a toilet in the nursery).

However, we're onto a new month, which means a new word and brand new goals! Yippee! I'm sure you can all imagine why I'd choose "prepare" as my word for April, so I'll save us the hassle by skipping my explanation and jump straight into my goals!

+ Memorize, Memorize, Memorize

I picked out so many different verses and even some psalms to comfort me through these last couple months of pregnancy and labor and delivery. I'm making it a priority to continue memorizing Scripture.

+ Blog. A lot.

I hope to get as many posts as possible written and scheduled before little man comes. I know that I won't be getting nearly as much free time as I currently am, so it's now or never!

+ Manic Meal Prep

I don't know if I ever told you guys, but once, I took a few hours to prep a few freezer meals and Miles and his dad and I ate off of them for two months. I am going to put together another crazy shopping trip/meal prep day in hopes that I can stock us up on meals before Mattheus comes and I have no desire to make dinner.

+ Finish the Nursery

Even if the bathroom doesn't get finished this month (still crossing my fingers that it does), I'm just going to have Miles move the toilet and vanity and other equipment out into the garage so that we can put together Mattheus' space. We're headed to ikea this weekend for his dresser/changing table -- among other things -- and our baby showers are this month so we'll really have some stuff to put in there!

+ Mista Bradley

Miles and I are taking Bradley Birth classes and so this goal is sort of a big umbrella of a few smaller goals: 1) Finish Husband Coached Childbirth. 2) Complete each week's homework and exercises. 3) Go over each week's material so that come labor I am not freaking out and have a vast amount of education behind what's going on.

Whew. I think I have my hands full.

What about you? Lots of goals this month, or just a couple?