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Weekly Prayer | Preservation of the Saints

weekly prayerJordyn BrazilComment

Lord, thank you for your abundant grace and mercy. Thank you, Jesus, that when You went to the cross and pardoned our sins, You had names and faces of Your people in mind--it wasn't just a hopeful thing for You; You knew who You were ushering into eternity. Lord, I am so grateful that you finished what You set out to do because there is no part of salvation that we can achieve on our own. I am grateful that we are not only pardoned of our iniquities by your blood, but that we are also secured for eternity by Your Spirit. Thank you that You preserve Your Saints. I ask now that You would remind us of this Truth and that we would be all the more eager to persevere in the faith because of it. Sweet Jesus, thank You for salvation and that each day Your Bride receives that grace anew.

Soli Deo Gloria.