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Bumpdate || Week 30

baby brazilJordyn BrazilComment

How far? THIRTY WEEKS. Wut?!

Size of Baby? According to The Bump, Mattheus is 2.5-3.8lb and 15.2-16.7in. We haven't had an ultrasound since the gender reveal so there's no way to know for certain!

Sleep? Ugh, lets not talk about it ;) The other night Miles folded up one of his sweatshirts and put it under my tum to help me get comfortable since it's still too small to prop up on my pillow but large enough that it totally hurts my back. This has been getting me through the nights.

Nursery? Is more of a storage space at this our master bath is getting demo'd so it's also storage for the vanity and toilet (sigh). However, the crib just got ordered and we are on the hunt for a dresser at the local thrift stores and antique shops. I'm assuming that nursery stuff will come together after our baby shower next month and once the toilet can be moved.

Best moment of the week? Last week I was having a really terrible back/rib pain and we were out and about but when we got home Miles got a bath all ready for me and even lit my favorite candle--that helped to release some tension and then we got in bed and he massaged it for probably an hour plus until I fell asleep! When his alarm went off the following morning, he hit snooze and massaged the spot more until it went off again. Sweet man.

+ Maternity clothes? Well, I totally need them. I was using the rubber band on the button trick with my pants, but that's gotten mighty uncomfortable. My friend loaned me a few pairs of maternity jeans, but they're still a little big so I need to venture out and get something smaller until I fit the other ones.

+ What's on your mind? The fact that there are ten weeks left is semi freaking me out. The midwife was at a birth when we were supposed to meet her last week and so now we are rescheduled for this week. I have compiled a registry, but I am just hoping people stick to it because my shower isn't until the end of next month so we won't have much time to shop. Technically, Mattheus could come at any time now (prematurely, but still) and I just feel really unprepared! Aha