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Registry Research

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It probably took me too long to put together my baby registry. No shame. This lady did her research on every. single. item.

Here's the thing: Miles and I plan on having more than one kid and so the things that we purchase/recieve for baby one are hopefully still going to be the items we are using for baby three. Hopefully. To achieve this goal, we opted to register for a few items that may be a pricier option, but will serve us well in the long run.

Because you may be expecting baby number one and plan to register with a similar goal, I'm going to help you figure out how to make it happen fast.

Helpful Websites:

This will be the short section. Like I said, I did a lot of research and so I basically visited the website of every product that I looked at, but these two were especially great.

+ Babylist is a registry option that allows you to add products from any and every website that your heart desires. I think that if I could start over I would've made registries on amazon and target first and then imported them into the Babylist site just so I could get all those sweet completion deals they offer. Babylist does have cool discount codes, but I don't really have anything on my list for the stores they offer.

+ Lucie's List is basically amazing. It is a complete list of everything you need for a baby with super honest reviews. It was actually really fun to read through because of her blunt humor and honesty. If you are creating a registry, her website is a must.

Products I'm excited about:

+ Cloth diapers:

I have to admit, the thought of cloth diapering was REALLY intimidating at first because I didn't realize how many kinds there are. If you'd like, I'll post about this decision in greater detail at a separate time, but we are going with GroVia Hybrids and Bitty Bee Newborn AIO's.  [[EDIT: We only received one bitty bee diaper but ended up getting quite a few Lil'Joey diapers as well as Osocozy refolds and covers. Loved them both! They Grovia nb diaper was also wonderful!)

Originally I thought I'd want to stay away from all-in-ones because you have to wash the entire diaper every time which leads to faster wear, but it is all that Bitty Bee currently offers. I love the snap down for the umbilical cord and I really love the company's mission. These will go in our overnight stash since reviews rave about the absorbency and lack of leakage.

We are opting for the Hybrids as our primary diapers because the shells don't need to be washed with each change (will ultimately last longer) and GroVia had great reviews concerning ease of use, absorbency, leakage, design, and breathability.

+ Baby Wearing

Instead of the traditional stroller-route, we are going for two baby carriers.  The first carrier, the BECO Gemini will be the out-of-the-house carrier. When Miles and I go on walks or hikes we plan on bringing the dogs. I'm not highly coordinated so strollers and leashes just sound like a pain. The BECO carrier is a pricier carrier, but it is designed with baby's joints in mind which is what matters most to us.

The second carrier we are registered for is our in-the-house carrier: the Solly Baby Wrap. This wrap was designed by a mom, is made of lightweight, breathable fabric (avoid overheating), and isn't as long and bulky as other, more popular wraps.

[[We also added a Wildbird ring sling to the mix and I am LOVING it!]]

+ Diaper Bag

Skip Hop has a wide variety of diaper bags and we are loving the Duo Deluxe. It has tons of pockets inside and out, a wipe clean surface, adjustable straps, and dad said he'd even carry the plain grey one (although I think he'll probably end up using a backpack instead).

+ Car Seat

At first I thought that I wanted to go straight for the convertible car seat in hopes of saving some cash, but there are two reasons we decided against it: 

1. The switch from car seat to booster happens around age five for most kids and we will probably have another kid before then so we will have to get an additional seat for the next baby.

2. I always see parents transporting their infants in their car seats. Especially so that the baby is able to continue sleeping if they fall asleep during the drive. This option is out if you opt for a convertible seat. They are not portable.

With those two things in mind we sought out a lightweight seat (if the whole point is to carry it around baby + 15lb seat would be yucky) that was also super safe. Hello Maxi Cosi Mico AP. Despite poor reviews regarding the sunshade, this seat is extremely safe, light weight, and easy to clean.

[[PLEASE save yourself some money and register for both an infant seat as well as a convertible seat! We went with a Clek Foonf and are gaga over it!]]

+ Nursing Kimono

You've probably seen regular nursing covers: a big, blocky piece of fabric with a strap around your neck. This kimono is way cuter than those and I would argue more functional as well. The fabric is breathable so I won't get all sweaty during feedings and since it buttons closed I won't be paranoid about anything slipping around.

[[I used the kimono like twice. The same company also makes a multifunctional cover and I ended up using that the most!]]

+ Booster Seat

I'm semi-anti-high chair. They're bulky. You can't travel with them. We decided to register for a booster seat instead that will grow with baby (think four months to four years) and that we can take to restaurants and on vacations. The Ingenuity Baby Base is killer. The tray stores away inside of the seat, it attaches to chairs, and the insert comes out. It will also take the place of the beloved bumbo seat (not mad).

[[I was wrong. Just get a highchair and a bumbo.]]

+ Boon Tub

It's true. You can get a baby bathtub for like $16. The Boon tub is $60, but its collapsible, hangable, drainable, comfortable, and convertible. I was mostly sold at collapsible.

[[The boon is great when I do use it, but bath time has become a fun bonding time! Dad gets in the bath and holds baby instead of us putting him in the tub and so I would say you can get by without a baby tub]]

+ Nuna Sena Crib

This mini travel cot by Nuna is wonderfully modern, but entirely practical. We decided to ditch a co-sleeper or bassinet and instead register for something we'd be able to use for much longer. For the initial months it will stay in our room where Mattheus will sleep. Since it's so easy to pop open and close, as well as light weight, I will probably take it in the backyard while we hangout and also use it for him and the dogs to get used to each other. We will need the play yard for travel anyways so here's to killing two birds with one stone.

[[We ended up sleep sharing! So we've never really used this. I wish I would've registered for an Arm's Reach Cosleeper instead]]

+ Portable Night Light

Thanks to Lucie's List, I learned that certain lights suppress melatonin, so turning on bright, white lights to change diapers at two in the morning are no bueno. That's when I discovered this portable night light that has a red light option. It's an owl, too. So it goes with the mountainy adventure nursery. Win.

+ Crib

If you're like me, it's quite possible that you have expensive taste. Every "modern" crib that I liked was always super, extra expensive. Babyletto cribs are super sleek in design, don't crunch your budget, and the one that we like even comes with the toddler conversion kit (which is about $100 down the road).

+ Snap Bibs 

Feeding babies/toddlers is so messy. These bibs rule. The snap is firm so bugga can't pull it off and since they are vinyl we don't have to have a million. No extra laundry, just wipe to clean. 

Other "Musts":

+ Monitor with camera

+ White noise machine

+ Monitor with a camera (no wifi)

A few things I wish I would've registered for:

+ Mamaroo

+ Arm's Reach Cosleeper

+ Convertible Carseat

+ More Diapers

Of course, my registry consists of much more than those items, but those are a few of the favorites that I'm sharing. Once Mattheus is here I'll update this post with the effectiveness of the items I've received as well.

What are some of your registry tips and/or fave products?