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The [Basically] Zero Money, Zero Effort Valentine's Date

marriageJordyn BrazilComment

Okay, so when I say ZERO money and effort, I'm partially lying. You will have to put a little thought into this one, but not much, and a teeny bit of money, but again, nothing extravagant. This is something that I have done and enjoyed in the past and hope you will as well!

Valentine's can be a stressful time for us wives. I think that on one hand, it's easy to have these blown-outta-proportion expectations for the day and on the other hand, we really don't want to put in the kind of time and effort that it would take to actually achieve those false realities.

So, this year, I have a plan for a date that is as low-key or as fancy-shmancy as I decide I want it to be, and I'm letting you all in on it.

The Car Picnic.

Yep. I am going to take my husband on a car picnic. It's still too cold for an actual evening picnic here, but I know that this will be just as enjoyable. This will entail me prepping the car, us dressing however we decide (all gussied up or just jammies), blindfolding and driving Miles up the hill to a pretty view, and then us having a meal there and sharing cards.

Set Up

The fun part is all in what you decide to do!

+ Create a lovey playlist for your background date music. Choose songs that are meaningful to your relationship and that might even spark some convo (or kisses, holla)!

+ Make a simple but yummy meal to share. Maybe your favorite dish? Maybe a recreation of the first meal you shared? Maybe this? If Miles didn't call strawberries deathberries, I'd be all over this one.

+ If you're doing a dinner date, which I'd recommend, bring along some dessert as well. I am trying to decide between brownies and red velvet cake pops. Both would be yummy and simple to make and bring along.

+ Prep your car! Put down the back seats of the car and throw down some pillows and blankies to make a comfortable space to hangout for a couple hours. You could even add twinkle lights and other decor. Or, not. It's your call. Don't forget to pack your food!

+ Blindfold your husband and help him into the car. Take him somewhere special. Is there a park that you both love? The beach? A mountain turn-out that overlooks the city? Drive, girl!

+ Once you arrive, hang out in the back, enjoy your view and your food, and exchange cards with one another. Sometimes the gift of time and words means a lot more than a new watch and purse. I would argue that most of the time they do. 

After you've enjoyed your date, you can choose to end there or you can extend your night with a movie or something else. I found this great game that I'm going to set up before we leave so that there's something for us to come home to!

Have you ever had a car picnic? What was your experience? 

what other cheap / easy valentines plans do you have?