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february refresh

So, a lot of people that I follow on social media and quite a few of my blogger friends have gone forth and picked a word for the year. I saw a lot of them last month and while part of me wanted to do the same, for some reason I just never did. I also didn't make any resolutions or write down any goals for the month...but I would say that January was still pretty productive.

This month, I decided I wanted to pick up my goal-setting again, but with a twist. Instead of a word for the year, I'm going to choose one to meditate on for the month: this month's word being "refresh."

As I sat down to read my Bible, I just thought of how refreshed it makes me feel, and how I crave that feeling every day. I thought of how it's a brand new month and how all sorts of new things can happen and decided that I wanted to refresh a few other areas of my life too!

With that, here are a couple of goals for the month that I hope will refresh and renew my life!

+ Clean out my closet and get rid of some old items

I've cleaned out my closet a few times and pared down my clothes a ton, but I realized that most of what I do own are outfits that I've been wearing for years. On one hand, it's hard to get rid of pieces that I know I wear and can make outfits out of, but on the other hand...I'm sick of wearing the same stuff I've been wearing for the past three or six years (ha, I wish I was joking). I think that renewing my wardrobe a bit will make me more eager to get out of my jammies every day and into normal human clothes.

+ Walk daily

I've been pretty consistent with working out throughout the week, but I've never been a fan of cardio in any form. I know that it's good for me and Mattheus, though, so I want to be doing it! Luckily, a new couple came to church and she's due in March and is pretty committed to getting her walk on, so I hope that joining her will keep me accountable!

+ Clean out my inbox

really need to create a few folders and delete a few emails. My unread is only at 19 right now, but I hate the cluttered feeling of scrolling through my inbox to get to anything. I also need to delete an email address that I haven't used since I got married!

+ Cut back my social media use

My husband has been off of social media for about a month and I love that he's doing it! I know that logging out of my accounts every once in a while would give me time to do things like create and read books, but seriously, I'm slightly addicted to Pinterest and Instagram. For blogging purposes, I wouldn't stay off of social media for months at a time, but I do want to limit my use to only a few set aside minutes here and there a week or day or whatever. Have you done anything like this before? What has worked for you? What hasn't?

So there you go. Four small goals that will hopefully make a big difference in refreshing my mind for the whole year! 

Do you have a word for the year or month? What is it and how has choosing one helped you stay focused on your short and long term goals?